Judicial Review and Human Rights

At OTS solicitors we regularly act for individuals, companies, charities and other non-profit organisations to challenge the decisions of a public body in cases where such decisions are made with disregard of the law, Human Rights or failure to observe procedural rules.

Every public body is under duty to observe the law and Human Rights whenever making a decision, as well as follow certain procedural rules for it. A failure to do so will result in an unlawful decision which can be challenged before court. This procedure is known as Judicial Review and is widely used in areas where the governmental bodies have decisional powers. Both, the decisions of central and local public bodies can be challenged using the Judicial Review procedure.

Our specialist Judicial Review and Human Rights solicitors have an extensive knowledge and experience in challenging decisions of public bodies. We are especially dedicated to Human Rights aspect of the law.

OTS Solicitor team has successfully defended numerous Judicial Review applications, specialising in particular in Immigration cases. In this area of law we have a wide-ranging history of successfully acting for clients in refusal of further leave to remain, refusal of Asylum claims, removal from the UK or detention cases. Our Judicial Review and Human Rights team has rich experience of acting in various cases and at different levels of courts, including the Court of Appeal. Our solicitors have been involved in cases that have challenged the existing approach to legal problems and helped further shape the legal framework.

Our Judicial Review and Human Rights solicitors are not only experts in local law, but in EU law and relevant international treaties. Our advice is built on solid knowledge of UK case law, as well as European Court of Justice and European Court of Human Rights case law.

Some of the other areas where Judicial Review is widely used by our clients are:

  • planning and environment
  • health
  • community care
  • housing
  • education
  • Licensing
  • Civil liberties

Our expert Judicial Review and Human Rights solicitors are recognised in legal directories and by their peers as leading specialists in the area. As in all other areas, our Judicial Review team is made of dedicated, friendly, approachable professionals, determined to battle relentlessly and against all odds in order to assure equity and justice to our clients.

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