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County Court claims may be issued for a variety of reasons. Whether you intend to make or defend against a County Court claim, it is essential that you have the right legal advice and representation on your side.

At OTS Solicitors, we have a specialist team of experienced Solicitors and Advocates that deal with all types of County Court cases. We understand you need to keep the costs down in any case, and your time is precious, so we always provide the best court attendance or advocacy services at a cost-effective rate.

For a detailed discussion regarding your County Court claim, or to book an appointment with a member of our Litigation, Courts and Tribunals team, please call us now on 0203 959 9123.

Our solicitors and advocates are able to pursue the following types of claims in the County Courts of England and Wales:

  • Money Claim
  • Debt Claim
  • Rent Arrears Claim
  • Possession Claim
  • Landlord and Tenant Hearing
  • Small Claims
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Workplace slips, trips and falls
  • Product liability Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Flight Delay Compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004
  • Consumer Rights Claims
  • Application for Summary judgement
  • Application to Set Aside
  • Case Management Conferences

Our many years of combined expertise and experience ensures that we are able to go above and beyond to achieve the best possible outcome for your County Court case, no matter what it may involve.

We provide high calibre and highly skilled solicitors and barristers to work on your case who can also provide additional representation at a range of other courts. More information regarding our claims and appeals expertise in England and Wales can be found here.

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Our County Court claims services

Sending a letter before action/letter of claim

In most civil dispute matters, a letter before action (also known as a letter of claim) is often the first step in the formal process of recovering a debt or any damages owed.

A letter before action is a notice sent by the creditor and their solicitor in a dispute where all other informal, and in-house debt recovery options have been exhausted. Their primary purpose is to remind the debtor of the money owed and inform them of the creditor’s intention to take legal action if this debt remains unpaid.

Often, an effective letter before action is enough to prompt a debtor into action, with the threat of court action being sufficient motivation to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

When instructed, our County Court claims solicitors can work alongside you to carefully review the details of your case and draft a bespoke letter before action that clearly lays out your intentions and what you are seeking to claim.

Mistakes made in a letter before action can have a major impact on your position and ability to make a successful claim at the County, so it is incredibly important that the utmost care and attention is paid when drafting the document to be sent.

Responding to a letter before action

Being issued with a letter before action can be daunting prospect, no matter the situation or particulars of the case. Even if you do not agree with the claim being made, you will be required to reply to the letter before action within 30 days, as failing to do so could mean that the creditor can request for additional interest to be added to the debt.

Our County Court claims solicitors can support you if you are acting as a respondent to a letter before action, advising you on the best course of action and whether agreeing or disputing the proposed would be in your best interests.

Prior to making a decision, we can carefully review the details of your case and weigh them up against the claims being made by the creditor, ensuring that every available option is considered before County Court proceedings are launched.

County Court representation

Where a matter proceeds to the County Court, we can provide robust representation and tailored legal support to ensure that you are able to achieve the best possible result for your circumstances.

Our County Court litigation and advocacy services include small claims, fast track claims and multi-track claims. Regardless of the value of your claim and what it involves, we will be on hand to reach a resolution as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, going above and beyond to support you at every stage of County Court proceedings.

County Court litigation and proceedings explained

What does the County Court deal with?

The County Court in the UK handles civil matters, as opposed to criminal matters. This can include a wide range of potential cases, including debt recovery, injury compensation claims, and landlord and tenant disputes.

How long does a County Court claim take?

The exact time it takes for a County Court claim to conclude will depend on a number of factors. This includes the complexity of the case itself, as well as the monetary value of the claim.

As can be expected, higher value claims will generally take longer to resolve when a case is taken to the County Court.

Small claims will typically take around 6 months to conclude, while fast track claims (which are for claims between £10,000 and £25,000) tend to take closer to a full year. Multi-track claims could take between a year and two years, sometimes taking even longer if the case is particularly complex.

How much does a County Court claim cost?

The cost of issuing a County Court claim will depend on the amount you are claiming for.

A fixed fee applies to any claims worth up to £10,000. For claims between £10,001 and £200,000, a fee worth 5% of the claim will be required. For claims above £200,000, a £10,000 fee applies.

The government have published guidance on your options for getting help to pay court and tribunal fees where required.

Funding your County Court claim

We can offer a range of options when it comes to funding your case. It is not possible to give an estimate of the general fees involved due to the very nature of the court process, and it will depend on the extent and value of the claim. We are able to offer the following funding methods:

  • Private Funding and Fixed Fee where appropriate
  • Insurance – Legal Expenses Insurance or After Event Insurance
  • Conditional Fee Arrangement

We have a strong commitment to keep our clients regularly informed of the costs, and our transparency on costs policy means you will always have control and certainty over the cost.

OTS Solicitors act on behalf of Claimants and Defendants. Our solicitors have built a reputation for providing the best representation in all types of County Court claims and disputes.

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We will be able to discuss your County Court litigation matter at our offices, over the phone or online via Web Conferencing such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx or Skype.

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