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Adult Dependant Relative Claims- challenging the impossible

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By Oshin Shahiean
A search of Home Office records show chances of success or grant of leave to enter for those who wish to bring their parents or other adult dependant relatives to the UK are near impossible. But our team at OTS Solicitors have challenged this injustice time and time again, through tribunal and high court litigation, leading to several successful grants of entry to the UK.
To appreciate the impact, and how low chances of success or near impossible threshold to meet in trying to bring an adult dependant relative to the UK, you simply need to refer to JCWI published report: Harsh,Unjust, Unnecessary: Report on the Impact of the Adult Dependant Relative Rules on Families and Children.
723 applications were made for relatives to join their loved ones in the UK in 2014/15 with 37 being approved and a further 33 being allowed on review or appeal, representing a success rate of just 5.1% ! Added to this, applications for Adult Dependants are some of the most expensive in Home Office fees!
It therefore makes me proud to be part of such an amazing team, ready to take on injustices and challenge the authorities on some of the most draconian policies devastating the lives of British and settled families in the UK.

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