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Announcement of OTS New Trainee Solicitor – Hans Sok Appadu!

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“We Are Building A Legacy, And I Want To Be Part Of It”

We are proud to announce that our senior caseworker, Hans Sok Appadu has been appointed as our new trainee solicitor.

Hans started off doing work experience for OTS Solicitors and recently secured a training contract. This demonstrates the commitment of the partners at OTS to providing tangible career progression and an intellectually stimulating & fun place to work for all members of staff.

Despite being exceptionally busy advising EU nationals on obtaining permanent residence Cards and British Citizenship, Hans kindly took the time to talk to us about his role within the firm and why he loves working at OTS Solicitors.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Hans. To begin – where did you study?

I was born in Mauritius and came to the UK to attend University. On the advice of the ex-Minister of Education in Mauritius, I choose to do my LLB at the University of Wales, which provides excellent tuition. I then completed a Masters of Laws in International Business and Commercial Law at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). I chose Liverpool John Moores University because, being a lifelong Liverpool football supporter, my ambition was always to live in the city at some stage of my life.

During my LL.M, I wrote a thesis titled, 'The Human Rights of the Chagossians Violated, the Greatest Injustice,' which encouraged my interest in public and Human Rights law.

How did you come to OTS?

To begin with, I wanted to become a criminal barrister. However, after taking some advice from a Queen’s Counsel, who informed me how crowded the criminal bar has become, I switched to civil litigation. I knew one of the consultants at OTS Solicitors, Mr Veejay Sharma, who kindly introduced me to Mr Oshin Shahiean. After talking to Mr Shahiean on the phone, he asked me to come to London for an interview the next day, which I was delighted to do.

What were your first impressions of the firm?

I was very impressed with the vision that Mr Shahiean had for OTS Solicitors, and I knew right from the beginning that I wanted to be part of his team. In September of that year, I started my Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the University of Westminster and while I was studying, I did work experience at OTS Solicitors, shadowing Mr Shahiean and Teni Shahiean and gaining as much knowledge and information as I could.

During my LPC course, I was offered an internship at OTS Solicitors. This helped me enormously during my LPC and allowed me to develop confidence as a solicitor.

I was promoted to senior caseworker, and as soon as I finished my LPC course, I was offered a training contract.

What makes working for OTS Solicitors as a trainee solicitor special?

All the supervisors are incredibly knowledgeable and accessible. It is not often you get to work in an office with such a team spirit. Mr Shahiean and the other supervisors are always available to listen and will help me formulate a clear strategy if I am faced with a complex case. I also have access to the vast experience and knowledge of retired judge Mr Paul Gulbenkian and the barristers we work alongside, which is incredible useful and beneficial to my professional development

Are you encouraged to have a life outside of work?

Absolutely. I oversee the Liverpool Football Supporters Club in London and attend almost every match. OTS is an extremely busy firm, but my supervisors have taught me how to plan my work, so I never feel overwhelmed. Because there is such a supportive atmosphere in the office, you never feel like you must tackle difficult situations alone.

We also have regular team dinners and lunches. The partners also encourage us to participate in sporting activities and to have a healthy, active life outside of work.

What would you say to a law graduate who is thinking of moving into business immigration and civil litigation?

Go for it. I feel I have made the right decision and can see I have a brilliant future ahead of me. Civil litigation and business immigration law are fun and intellectually challenging, and you learn a lot about humanity and Human Rights.

I can see that OTS Solicitors is building a legacy for the future and that is something I am determined to be part of.

I will be here for many years to come.

OTS Solicitors is regarded as one of the best Immigration law firms in the UK. If you need advice on any Immigration law matters or wish to enquire about career vacancies, please phone our office on 0203 959 9123 to talk to one of our dedicated Immigration lawyers.

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