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Applying for a UK Fiancé visa

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EEA national and you want to live in the UK with your partner as an engaged couple. Wherever you are reading this blog, EEA countryImmigration Rules will apply to you if you are not an EEA national.

Immigration law

EEA citizen who is engaged to Indefinite Leave to Remain

  • Investor Visa;

  • Tier 2 (General) visa if your profession is on the UK Shortage Occupation List or you have a UK employer to sponsor you;

Immigration Investor Visa or

  • naturalisation application; or

  • Immigration control and ordinarily resident in the UK; or

  • Immigration controls, ordinarily live in the UK and their stay

Immigration Indefinite Leave to Remain or Settled Status. If you think that an application for Indefinite Leave to Indefinite Leave to Remain eligibility criteria and uses a Home Office premium service to fast track the application.

British Citizenship, ILR or Settled Status you

spouse visa as you can make your application whilst in the UK provided that you do so before your fiancé visa expires.

  • spouse visa – this will last up to thirty months if you apply for it within the UK; and then

  • spouse visa extension; and then

  • spouse visa you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK ; and then

Immigration control Immigration Rules and this may affect the success of future Immigration applicationsImmigration record when deciding whether to approve a visa application. Once you successfully apply for a spouse visa you can work in the UK although you will remain subject to Immigration controls until you secure Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

Immigration law needs including applying for a fiancé visa extension, spouse visa or Indefinite Leave to Remain after entering the UK on a spouse visa. If your application for a fiancé visa has been turned down by the Home Office we can advise you on your best Immigration and appeal options.

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