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Boris Johnson Never Wanted Brexit

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In breaking news, Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Sir Alan Duncan has claimed that Boris Johnson never wanted Brexit. In a BBC documentary, Sir Alan states that he believed the now foreign secretary, who is his current boss, wanted to lose narrowly and be the "heir apparent" to David Cameron.

The UK voted by 52% to 48% to end its membership of the EU in a referendum on 23rd June 2016.

Never expected to win

According to The Telegraph, Mr Duncan told a BBC documentary, Brexit: A Very British Coup?: “I’ve always thought that Boris’s wish was to lose by one so that he could be the heir apparent without having to have all the… you know, of clearing up all the mess, that’s always been my view of Boris.”

He added: "By championing leave, he can be the great heir apparent of the future, darling of the activists, but actually it would be quite good if he didn't actually win the referendum because there would be total chaos."

After the referendum and David Cameron's ensuing resignation Mr Johnson surprised everyone by withdrawing from the race to be the next Tory leader and PM, positions he is long thought to have harboured desires for, following fellow Brexit campaigner Michael Gove stabbing him in the back by making his own bid for the top job.

A series of betrayals

These latest allegations will be viewed by many as yet another way the Leave campaign cynically misled the public over the reasons for and advantages of leaving the EU.

Other key promises which are likely to never eventuate (according to MPs themselves) include:

  • giving the £350 million the UK pays to the EU each week to the NHS
  • cutting Immigration and still remaining in the single market
  • saving £2 billion on energy bills

We will wait with anticipation to see what reaction the revelations screened on the BBC tonight bring. However, today’s news makes it more apparent that Theresa May and her government have an unenviable job on their hands when it comes to delivering Brexit, especially given that even the leader of the Leave campaign hoped secretly that the UK would stay in the EU.

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