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CBI calls for a new approach to Immigration

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The UK Government’s much criticised Immigration targets are once again under fire as the Confederation of British Industry calls for a new approach to migrant workers and Immigration, a step welcomed by top UK Immigration lawyers OTS Solicitors.

The CBI has published a new report in advance of Brexit ‘Open and Controlled, A New Approach to Migration’. It’s the result of consultation with employers and trade associations all concerned that Brexit has introduced huge uncertainty in circumstances where the stakes are exceptionally high. Those consulted represent some 124,000 UK firms. EEA Immigration solicitors will be keen to see whether the UK Government takes an open mind to these proposals and incorporates them into their post-Brexit approach to Immigration.

New approach to ensure firms can stay in business

The chief concern of the CBI is to ensure that all businesses in the UK, small and large, can remain in business when Brexit takes effect and the UK leaves the EU. Alongside a call for the Government to drop its harsh Immigration targets (which, incidentally, a recent study suggests encourages illegal Immigration rather than reducing net migration overall), the CBI has suggested a new approach to Immigration and new freedom of movement rules for EU citizens following Brexit.

As the report makes clear

“The stakes couldn’t be higher. Get it wrong, and the UK risks having too few people to run the NHS, pick fruit or deliver products to stores around the country. This would hurt us all – from the money in our pockets to our access to public services.”

Changes for EU Workers and non-EU nationals

The CBI’s suggested approach does not just focus on EU workers, although this is critical given Brexit a matter of months away. However, the clear message is that Immigration targets not just in respect of EU workers, but non-EU nationals too are hurting the UK and will hit even harder once the UK has left the EU. In place of the current system, the CBI has called for a fresh approach to EU workers so that migrant workers can continue to come to the UK to work in all sectors including agriculture, hospitality, construction, the NHS and the creative industries. The report also recognises that Brexit may well lead to a reduction in EU workers choosing to come to the UK, and so has called for the policy for non-EU nationals to be eased so that small businesses in particular, which may struggle to plug those gaps.

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