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Dramatic increase in use of force at Brook House detention centre

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Brook House, the Immigration detention centre near Gatwick Airport experienced a dramatic increase in the use of force during 2017. The BBC has reported that individuals being held in detention in relation to Immigration matters at Brook House, and who had not been granted Immigration bail, were twice as likely to have been controlled or restrained by force compared with 2016.
The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) has called 2017 a ‘tough year’ for the Immigration detention centre. GS4, which operates the centre currently, is still waiting to hear if its contract will be renewed. Brook House came to public attention last year following a Panorama investigation into bullying and abuse of the men being held there.
As well as the use of force by staff against detainees, the IMB has documented an increase in violence between detainees, and violence by detainees against staff. It also detailed an escape attempt and protests against removals. As Immigration bail lawyers, we’re concerned to see this increase in violence at Brook House and can only hope that GS4’s commitments to providing a safe and secure environment for those in detention, and assurances by the company’s interim director, Lee Hanford, that it is "well under way" to meeting its staffing targets, hold good.
If you have been unable to secure permission to remain in the UK and are subject to Immigration control, you may well find yourself in an Immigration detention centre such as Brook House. Bail may be available so that you can live somewhere else, and it’s important to instruct a specialist Immigration bail lawyer who can give you the best chance of succeeding with your bail application.
If you are given Immigration bail, you will have at least one condition to obey. This could include wearing an electronic tag, being restricted as to where you can live, or any work or study you can do. Your Immigration bail lawyer can explain the possible bail conditions that you may have to comply with.
OTS solicitors are experienced Immigration bail lawyers in London and regularly make successful bail applications on behalf of people held in Immigration detention centres. We are highly ranked for Immigration and Human Rights in the Legal 500. Book an appointment to discuss your bail application or any other Immigration matter and be assured of receiving some of the best Immigration advice available in the UK today.

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