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A Guide To The Spouse Visa Interview

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A spouse visa interview is probably the most important interview that you and your sponsor spouse will ever participate in. If you thought that a job interview was stressful then a spouse visa interview is on another level as the outcome of your spouse visa interview questions and answers will determine whether you and your husband, wife or civil partner can live in the UK together and enjoy life as a family. In this blog we look at the spouse visa interview and offer guidance on what you can do to prepare for it.

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For something as important as a spouse visa you need to speak to an expert. For advice on your spouse visa application or spouse visa interview questions call the London spouse visa solicitors on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.

Is every applicant for a spouse visa interviewed by the Home Office?

Not every applicant for a spouse visa is called for interview by the Home Office. If you are unfortunate enough to be chosen for interview there will be a reason why the Home Office official thinks that a spouse visa interview is justified. Often, the reason is that the Home Office case worker is sceptical that you are in a genuine relationship with your husband, wife or civil partner.

The best tip on avoiding a spouse visa interview is to take legal advice on your spouse visa application and the supporting paperwork that you should lodge with your spouse visa application. Taking legal advice from specialist spouse visa solicitors can mean the difference between your spouse visa application being granted without the need for an interview or having to undergo a Home Office interview and potentially face the refusal of your spouse visa application because the Home Office official isn’t satisfied with your answers during the interview process.

Whilst taking specialist spouse visa solicitor legal advice won't guarantee that you will avoid the need for a spouse visa interview it will reduce the likelihood of your being called to interview because of the quality of an expertly prepared spouse visa application form, covering letter and ensuring that the best supporting paperwork is collated.

Why have I been chosen for a spouse visa interview?

If you have been notified that you need to participate in a spouse visa interview the reason why you have been selected for interview may be down to:

  • The short length of your relationship prior to your marriage or civil partnership
  • Your apparent limited contact with your spouse – that may be because your spouse does not skype or text or WhatsApp you because they are not very technologically minded or social media savvy
  • The age difference between you and your husband, wife or civil partner
  • The cultural differences between you and your spouse.

Whatever the reason behind why you have been selected for interview the important thing to ensure is that both you and your sponsor spouse are prepared for the interview. Whilst it is understandable that you will be nervous by the thought of the interview it is best not to be too rehearsed so that it does not appear as if you have learnt your answers by note. That is because if your answers come across as totally scripted, what may be genuine replies and honest answers can appear stilted.

How can I prepare for a spouse visa interview?

Most spouse visa interviews will focus on the nature of your relationship with your husband, wife or civil partner because the Home Office case worker may believe there is evidence to suggest that your marriage is a sham and that you do not meet the genuine relationship requirement to be eligible to qualify for a spouse visa .

It is easy to understand why you would be upset and angry at having your honesty and integrity called into question by a faceless bureaucrat who is questioning the genuineness of your life and love. Whilst spouse visa solicitors understand why you may want to take the offensive in any spouse visa interview that isn’t the best approach. Try to think of the Home Office official as ‘just doing their job’, whatever your personal views on the need for the interview.

In your spouse visa interview the likelihood is that you will need to persuade the Home Office caseworker (or caseworkers as there may be more than one person at the interview) that:

  • Your marriage or civil partnership is genuine and was not entered into as a means for you or your partner to enter the UK
  • You intend to live permanently with your husband, wife or civil partner.

Can my spouse come with me to my spouse visa interview?

Your spouse or civil partner won't be able to go into the spouse visa interview with you. If the Home Office has concerns about whether your marriage is genuine or not the likelihood is that the Home Office will also want to speak separately with your sponsor spouse or civil partner. It is important that the information you both supply is consistent but not overly rehearsed.

Will I have to go to a spouse visa interview?

If the Home Office say you need to participate in a spouse visa interview, then the interview can either take place in person or be carried out over the phone.

Whether your interview is in person or a phone interview it is essential that you prepare for the interview and don’t think that it is just ‘routine’ as the likelihood is that your spouse visa application is being seriously questioned by Home Office officials.

A specialist spouse visa solicitor can help you prepare for an in person or phone interview by carrying out a mock interview and advising you on the sort of questions that you might be asked. With a bit of help your answers will not appear overly rehearsed, stilted or be too nervous.

What will I be asked during my spouse visa interview?

You are likely to be asked a number of personal questions to help establish whether your spouse visa application meets the genuine relationship requirement.

No spouse visa solicitor can tell you exactly what you will be asked during your spouse visa interview but common questions include:

  • How did you meet your husband, wife or civil partner?
  • What first attracted you to your spouse?
  • How did your spouse propose to you?
  • What are your spouse’s hobbies and interests?
  • How have you kept in contact with your spouse if one of you has been based overseas?
  • Have you met your spouse’s friends and family? What has your spouse told you about them?
  • What do you know about your sponsor spouse’s job and home?
  • Have you applied for a UK visa before?
  • Have you applied to live in another country before?
  • Have you had a visa application refused in the past?

The above are just a small number of the questions that you could be asked. You should expect the unexpected and therefore be prepared for Home Office officials to already know a bit about you if you have a social media profile. For example, if your Facebook profile says you are single don’t be surprised if you are asked questions about why that is. It may just be that you forgot and haven’t updated it but this type of apparent inconsistency can make Home Office caseworkers dubious that your relationship with your spouse or civil partner is genuine.

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If you want to minimise the risk of being asked to attend a spouse visa interview then it is best to ask a spouse visa solicitor to prepare your spouse visa application for you together with your supporting letter and the collation of your documents. If you need help with your spouse visa application or advice on how to prepare for your spouse visa interview call the spouse visa solicitors based in central London on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.

OTS Solicitors are recommended in two leading law directories, Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession and The Legal 500. OTS Solicitors also have English Law Society accredited solicitor status as trusted specialists in Immigration law.

The spouse visa team of solicitors represent spouse visa applicant from all around the world (from Pakistan to Thailand and elsewhere) so don’t let our London location deter you from contacting OTS Solicitors. The spouse visa solicitors are experts at spouse visa Immigration Rules and Home Office procedures on UK Spouse Visas and so can best ensure spouse visa application success.

For expert help on UK spouse visa applications and interviews call us on 0203 959 9123 or complete our online enquiry form.

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