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‘Immigration vital to UK’s economic growth’ says Stephen Slater of OTS Solicitors

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Donald Trump and Brexit both seem to be fuelled in a large part by concern about Immigration, something that has concerned the best Immigration lawyers in London for some time. Stephen Slater, Senior Caseworker & In-House Advocate at Legal 500 recommended Immigration law firm OTS Solicitors appeared as a guest on talkRADIO on 14th July 2018, talking to Alexis Conran in this context about attitudes to Immigration. As always on talkRADIO, Stephen was debating some fairly controversial points concerning Immigration, economic growth and unEmployment, and how we can improve the perception of Immigration in the UK.

On Immigration and unEmployment

Stephen was asked to explain why the UK needs Immigration to fill jobs given that there are 1.6 million unemployed in the UK. Answering the comment that ‘somehow’ the unemployed in the UK should be retrained to fill the roles that are currently being filled by migrants, Stephen explained that in a civil society, individuals are free to do as they please as long as they are not engaged in anything illegal.

Going further, Stephen expressed what many Immigration lawyers know to be the case – that Immigration is a fuel to economic growth. Dismissing as ‘demographically illiterate’ the suggestion that the UK will soon ‘run out of space’, Stephen explained that the UK is as close as possible in economic terms to full Employment as it can be, and we need roughly 1 million EU migrants to ensure that the UK can maintain its economic growth. There is an acute shortage of skilled workers in the UK – EU workers do not displace low paid workers and are net contributors to the UK. His concern is that as Brexit discourages EU migration to the UK, we will see our economy stall.

Migration offers a great opportunity economically and culturally for the UK

The results of a recent show that around 50% of the UK population believe that Immigration is a good thing, economically and culturally. This triggered debate around why there is still a perception that ‘British’ (i.e. white Christian) society is being undermined. As you would expect from a passionate Immigration and Human Rights advocate, Stephen explained that acceptance happens organically over time – it’s a lesson that history teaches us. Stephen closed by saying that the UK should be rich and generous enough to embrace and not to be diminished by Immigration – the UK can stand tall by virtue of its multiculturalism and become a leading voice, rather than behaving as a ‘victim’.

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