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Interview With Dr Harry Hagopian

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We are delighted that Dr Harry Hagopian has agreed to join our growing list of consultants. Harry is a Public International lawyer who has been deeply immersed in the legal & political issues relating to Brexit. He has both written and spoken extensively about the implications of Brexit to the UK and the EU. Harry is also widely published, having authored different treatises on women’s rights and Islam, on blasphemy under Common Law and also on the principles of international dispute resolution across the Middle East and Southern Caucasus. As second-track negotiator and analyst, he has also been active with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as with the broader Middle East North Africa uprisings.

Dr Hagopian recently sat with us to share a few suggestions on what he believes are the strengths of OTS Solicitors and why the firm in London is an even more necessary tool these days for Brexit and for Immigration or residency queries or cases.

Here are few excerpts from our recording:

The current legal and political climate we find ourselves in:

“About 9 months ago, we had the Brexit referendum; then we had Article 50 triggered by the Prime Minister a few weeks ago. In the meantime, we have had cases that have gone to the high court and the Supreme Court here in the UK, and there are some cases still pending in Irish courts, trying to define what exactly Brexit means, what is the process, what is the agenda and the roadmap ahead?

“Now we have as snap election taking place on 8th June.

“I am putting all these together because they are creating a sense of uncertainty amongst many people, be they from Western or Eastern Europe, as to what are their rights in the UK.”

How will EU citizens be treated after Brexit?

“At the moment, someone from the “Club of 28” can come to the UK to work, live, enjoy themselves and nobody would ask any questions. With Brexit, would that change? And if it does, how would that change?

“Would people from France, Italy, Romania, and Bulgaria, etc., would they need special permits to stay in the country? And if so, would this be a Permanent Resident Card or Indefinite Leave to Remain status?

“There have been many applications made to the Home Office by EU nationals where the father and the mother can stay in the country, but the children’s application is refused. This creates havoc within a family.”

How can people deal with the uncertainty?

People can get information about UK Immigration laws through Google or by finding out from other people, i.e. by “word of mouth.”

“But a much better way, a surer way is to go to a law firm and speak with an Immigration lawyer.

“This is why I joined OTS Solicitors as a consultant because this is a young firm, comprised of British solicitors, European lawyers, an Immigration judge and expert counsel.

“OTS Solicitors can help EU nationals and migrants from other parts of the world including Africa and the Middle East.

“So in this atmosphere of uncertai

nty, my advice is to go to OTS Solicitors website. Have a read, give them a call and make an appointment to see one of their Immigration lawyers in London to get the best legal advice.

“Experience has taught me much as this might sound too expensive, in the end, it is very cost-effective because it is much cheaper than having to rush around trying to sort your own Immigration affairs out and in the end, not being able to do so.”

OTS Solicitors is regarded as one of the best Immigration law firms in the UK. If you need advice on any Immigration law matters, please phone our office on 0203 959 9123 to talk to one of our dedicated Immigration lawyers.

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