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Jamaican National Dies In UK Detention Centre

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Human Rights groups and some of London’s best Immigration lawyers are alarmed at the death of a Jamaican national at Morton Hall Immigration removal centre in Lincoln on 3rd October 2017.

It is the third such death in less than a month.

An investigation has been launched into the tragedy.

Three detainees die within a month in Immigration detention

The Guardian newspaper has reported that on 7th September, a Polish man, recently released from Harmondsworth Immigration removal centre, died in hospital after life support was withdrawn. It appears that he may have been suicidal at the time of his death. The Guardian reported that Paul Morrison, the manager of Harmondsworth, wrote to detainees stating that the Polish national was taken to hospital following a suicide attempt. Some detainees had tried to help the man immediately following the incident.

On 19th September a Chinese detainee died at Dungavel Immigration removal centre in Scotland.

According to the charity, Medical Justice, which advocates for the health of migrants held in detention, there have been 43 cases of detainees dying either in detention or shortly following release since 2000.

Celia Clarke, director of the charity Bail for Immigration detainees, told Guardian reporter Diane Taylor: “We are horrified at the news of yet another death in detention barely two weeks after the last one. The devastating impact of detention on individuals is plain to see. It is unacceptable to punish people in this way for the purpose of Immigration control. Detention is, after all, a form of punishment. It is time this inhumane and unnecessary system is ended once and for all. How many more deaths will it take before something is done?”

Panorama investigation

Last month, BBC’s Panorama showed shocking footage of guards physically and mentally abusing detainees at Brook House Immigration removal centre.

The programme caused outrage among the best Immigration solicitors and activists.

Undercover footage showed G4S guards allegedly “choking”, mocking and abusing detainees.

G4S is a multi-national security company that provides Immigration services to the UK government.

The company suspended nine members of staff shortly after the programme aired.

The Independent newspaper reported that several concerns had been raised in the latest inspection of Brook House, which revealed that “some men had been held there for more than two years. The inspectors highlighted issues with the “stark and impersonal” residential units and unsatisfactory sanitary facilities.”

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