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Managing Partner, Oshin Shahiean Writes Article On Settled Status For The American Magazine

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OTS Managing Partner, Oshin Shahiean, has written a detailed article for The American magazineon the British Government’s proposal for securing the status of dual national EU/Americans currently living in the UK.

Answering the key questions on Settled Status

In June 2016, the UK held a national referendum, in which citizens voted whether the country should remain in the EU. The referendum resulted in 51.89% of British people voting to exit the EU.

In March 2017, Prime Minister, Theresa May announced the government’s proposal in relation to confirming the rights of EU nationals living in the UK.

The proposal provides that EU nationals who have been exercising their Treaty rights in the UK for five years or more may be invited to apply for Settled Status.

In his article, Oshin makes several key points regarding the Settled Status proposal. Discussing how the new proposal may affect US/EU dual-national citizens, he writes:

“Those holding dual US/EU citizenships, such as US-Italian or US-Spanish nationals, US-French, and their families will also be affected by Brexit, and it is important that they apply for some form of status in the UK. If they have lived in the UK consistently for five years they are eligible to apply for Settled Status to the Home Office which would allow them to live in the UK and obtain rights similar to those of British citizens, such as healthcare and education. Though many EU nationals have already filled out an 85-page document, they must reapply, including those with dual US/EU nationality once the Government has proposed the new procedure for Settled Status.”

US/EU dual-nationals who wish to become UK citizens

In the article, Oshin also discusses the steps US/EU dual-nationals should take if they wish to obtain British Citizenship before Brexit.

“For those looking to become British citizens prior to the UK officially withdrawing from Europe, it is necessary to have obtained permanent residence before applying and to ensure they are eligible. Permanent residents may work or study, having obtained the right to live in the UK permanently. It is important, thus, for EU and US/EU dual citizenship holders to then apply for Settled Status if they wish to remain in the UK and work freely after the UK exits the European Union.

With so much uncertainty in the air, it is well worth making enquiries as to whether you would benefit from obtaining a permanent residence Card or waiting to apply for Settled Status.”

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