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Managing Partner Teni Shahiean on BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire

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Teni Shahiean, managing partner and Immigration law specialist at OTS Solicitors, appeared on BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire this morning to discuss the impact of a Brexit on Immigration.

Teni was asked what would happen to EU citizens living in the UK and British citizens living in Europe if Britain was to leave the EU.

The answer is that no one is sure. And this uncertainty is causing concern, not only for EU nationals living in the UK but for UK citizens residing elsewhere in the EU. Not to mention the business community, where uncertainty equals a slowdown in economic growth.

When discussing if people residing in the UK would have to leave immediately following a Brexit, Teni assured viewers that it would take some time for negotiations between Britain and Brussels to conclude. Although no one is 100 percent sure, the likelihood is that the status quo would remain for existing residents until those discussions finished.

However, a freeze on individuals moving freely between Britain and the rest of the EU and vice versa may apply following a Brexit, meaning British citizens who plan to buy a property in Spain to retire in may wish to hold off until after the referendum.

Surge in Applications for Permenant Residence Cards and British Citizenship

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the prospect of Britain leaving the EU, Teni stated that OTS has received an increasing number of applications from EU citizens living in the UK for Permenant Residence Cards and British Citizenship. She also confirmed that the Home Office has had a massive upsurge in these types of applications.

These applications are being made by EU citizens residing in Britain in the hope that they can avoid any Immigration worries if the UK votes to leave the EU.

More details on the tops that were discussed can be found here:

To see the full BBC interview, please click here.

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