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Migration Advisory Committee to report on economic and social impact of Brexit

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London immigration solicitors, along with many others interested in the UK’s current and future climate, are anticipating a report from the Migration Advisory Committee looking at the economic and social impact of Brexit. The report is said to be due for release on 18th September 2018, and Immigration lawyers OTS Solicitors will be providing live commentary for Lexis Nexis as and when the report is released.

How will Brexit impact on the UK?

As March 2019 approaches and with no clear idea of what the future holds once Brexit takes effect and the UK leaves the EU, the question ‘How will Brexit impact on the UK’ is never far from the public consciousness. And regardless of whether people voted to leave or remain in the EU, it is not a question of critical importance as the impact of Brexit will be felt by everyone.

The Migration Advisory Committee is an independent, non-statutory public body that advises the Government on migration issues. Recent reports have covered subjects such as the impact of international students on the UK – the conclusions of which were reflected in the recent call by UK Universities to re-introduce a post-study graduate visa as an incentive for more international students to choose the UK. In the face of increasing competition for students, the Migration and Advisory Committee concluded that it could not “…see any upside for the sector in leaving the EU: any barriers to student mobility are likely to have a negative impact.”

As a leading and respected advisory body, the views of the Migration Advisory Committee on the economic and social impact of leaving the EU will be critical.

Migration Advisory Committee report hotly anticipated

In the current economic and political climate, with the UK Government perceived to be in disarray over its Brexit strategy and with significant dissent over the approach that is being taken, the views of the Migration Advisory Committee will be studied intently. Commissioned in 2017, the report is to look into not only the economic and social impact of leaving the EU but is also consider how the UK’s Immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial strategy. The call for evidence ran from 4th August to 27th October 2017. The responses received from the public were published in April 2018.

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