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More Than A Quarter Of EU PR Applications Rejected

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Analysis by the Liberal Democrats has revealed more than a quarter of EU permanent residence Card (PRC) applications are being rejected by the Home Office.

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In the last two-quarters of 2016, more than 12,800 EU citizens had their permanent residency requests refused with a further 5,500 declared invalid, a rejection rate of around 28%.

According to a report in the Guardian, if the British government required all EU nationals living in the UK to obtain a PRC, the current refusal rate could mean 800,000 EU citizens are left without certainty as to whether they can stay in the UK post-Brexit.

Cut-off date for EU citizens remaining in the UK

It is firmly believed that when Theresa May triggers Article 50 next month, she will also end freedom of movement for EU nationals who move to the UK after that date. It is widely expected that EU nationals residing in the UK prior to Article 50 being triggered will be allowed to remain in the UK (as long as this right is extended to UK nationals living in the other 27 member states). Those moving to Britain after Article 50 is triggered may have to meet visa criteria in order to remain after the UK formally leave the EU.

The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, repeated the pledge that the government, “will be ending freedom of movement as we know it” but said she would not expect Immigration to fall dramatically immediately after the UK leaves the EU, echoing comments by the Brexit secretary, David Davis.

Last week, the quarterly migration statistics from the Office for National Statistics showed there had been a 50% increase in the number of EU nationals in Britain who had their applications for a PRC processed.

What this new figure means for EU nationals living in the UK

Given the high rejection rate of PRC applications, it is imperative that EU nationals looking to apply for permanent residence status, work with an Immigration lawyer to complete the application form and collate the supporting evidence to ensure the best chance of success.

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