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Obtaining Permanent Resident Card Important Following New EU Announcement

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The EU’s chief negotiator for Brexit has announced today that Britain will have less than 18 months to negotiate Brexit and will end up with a worse deal than it currently has as an EU member.

Michel Barnier, who has been visiting EU countries in recent weeks to engage a united front regarding Brexit, stated the EU would base its approach on four key principles.

  • preserving the unity and interests of the remaining 27 EU members
  • refusing all negotiation before notification
  • ensure Brexit must be an inferior deal for Britain than EU membership
  • curbs on free movement were not compatible with full access to the single market

“Being in the EU comes with rights and benefits – third countries can never have the same rights and benefits,” he said in Brussels; “the single market and its four freedoms are indivisible. Cherry picking is not an option.”

Mr Barnier’s comments are in clear contrast to those of Prime Minister, Theresa May’s recent statements which hinted that Britain would seek to carve out a unique deal and would retain access to the single market.

Downing St sources admitted to The Guardian that Mr Barnier’s comments were the first time it had been made aware EU officials wanted to complete Brexit negotiations within 18 months, but said the Brexit process belonged to the UK as much as to the EU.

“It is the first I had heard of it”, the sources said, adding that the Brexit broker’s remarks had “not been the focus of the prime minister’s day”. But Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, appeared unconcerned, “I think that with a fair wind and everybody acting in a positive and a comprising mood … we can get a great deal for the UK and for the rest of Europe within that timeframe…..that timeframe seems to me to be absolutely ample.”

Angela Merkel, backed Mr Barnier’s comments, stating at a conference in Berlin today that a “have-cake-and-eat-it” arrangement apparently sought by London was not on offer.

“The four freedoms - free movement for people, goods, services and financial market products – must be safeguarded”, Merkel said; “only then can there be access to the single market. We will not allow cherry-picking.”

These comments indicate that Brexit negotiations are unlikely to be straightforward and may prove to test diplomatic relations to the limit. It is therefore imperative that EU citizens currently residing in the UK ensure they have their permanent residence status confirmed as soon as possible.

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