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OTS and MBL Seminars team up to provide British citizenship legal training

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Hold the date: London 17 January 2020
Hard work and Immigration legal training go into making either a great Immigration solicitor or a lawyer who knows enough about British Citizenship law to realise when expert help is required.
If you are a lawyer wanting legal training on British Citizenship law then the MBL Seminar “Post Windrush - Status Tracing to Prove Historic Claims to British Citizenship” may be just the seminar you need. Not only is the Immigration course topical but it provides Immigration CPD training.
British nationality and British Citizenship law could not be more topical with media articles on the Windrush generation and on Brexit.
British nationality law is tricky and complex and that is why OTS Solicitors are delighted to team up with MBL Seminars to produce specialist Immigration training.
The course “Post Windrush - Status Tracing to Prove Historic Claims to British Citizenship” looks at:

naturalisation under section 6(1) and 6(2) of the BNA 1981;

• Registration of children born in the UK by entitlement - sections 1(3) and 1(4);

• Registration of children born in the UK by discretion - section 3(1);

• Section 65 Immigration Act 2014 amendments to British nationality Act 1981 addressing historic discrimination against children born out of wedlock;

• Acquisition of citizenship by birth, adoption, descent and annexation;

• Loss of citizenship by independence of a territory;

• Acquisition of partiality, now called a right of abode;

• Status tracing ancestral claims to British Citizenship under the U.K.-F and U.K.-M routes;

• The pre 1 August 1988 Immigration Rules that preserved “free movement” rights for the spouses and children of Commonwealth citizens.

The full day course , to be held in London on the 17 January 2020, will help Immigration solicitors get to grips with the complexities and practicalities of historic status tracing outlining relevant tests and evidence required to satisfy claims to British Citizenship either by descent or otherwise than by descent. It will also help identify those Immigration clients who should seek redress from the Commonwealth Task Force, “Windrush Unit”.
Speaker, Stephen Slater, is an in-house advocate at London based OTS Solicitors. His niche area of law is British nationality and British Citizenship law. In recent years, he has put his legal training to good effect to champion the cause of the Windrush generation.
Those attending the Immigration law training on the 17 January 2020 may recognise Stephen Slater from his appearance on the BBC 2 series “Who should get to stay in the UK?”. Stephen was the tenacious advocate who was committed to putting right the wrongs of Windrush through use of British nationality legislation.
The BBC TV series featured Nancy and her two daughters. Nancy came to the UK from Gambia at age six, in the company of her mother who was arriving in the UK to work as a nurse. Many years later, Nancy could not prove her right to live and work in the UK. When assessing whether Nancy could stay in the UK Home Office caseworkers applied current Immigration Rules to Nancy and assumed the same Immigration Rules had been in force when Nancy had arrived in the UK, age six.
Stephen Slater was able to uncover a catalogue of Home Office errors and with determination, good legal training and well-honed detective skills he was able to find the historical paperwork about Nancy’s mother and the 1988 Immigration Rules that meant Nancy had Indefinite Leave to Remain.
For Stephen Slater, with his passion for the law and justice, it is a joy to join up with MBL Seminars and provide Immigration CPD training on British Citizenship law and British nationality.

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