OTS Case Study: FLR O Judicial Review Application - Citizen of Zambia

As an immigration solicitor I never get use to the excitement and thrill of calling my clients and letting them and their family members know that they have been awarded their visa or settlement in the UK. In most cases they sense the excitement in my voice and they know before I’ve said anything. This is one experience every immigration solicitor can relate to, and year on year the satisfaction of telling the family you have worked so hard for to ensure they are finally allowed to remain in the United Kingdom lawfully and to make a positive contribution and enjoy a fulfilling life for themselves and their families becomes more and more rewarding.

In this case I was instructed by the client in judicial review proceedings against the Secretary of State for the Home Department (‘SSHD’). The main issue in this case related to the correct application of the new Immigration Rule, and unlawful breach of client’s Article 3 [inhumane and degrading treatment] and interference with Article 8 [respect for private and family life] rights under the European Convention on Human Rights (‘ECHR’). During the proceedings, and through lengthy negotiations with the Treasury Solicitors, the SSHD conceded to reconsider client’s leave to remain application on both Article 3 and 8, and to waive any requisite fee for the application. The terms of consent settled by the parties also held the SSHD liable to pay the client’s reasonable costs. Following the judicial review and upon review by the Home Office of her decision, my client was granted leave to remain with her daughter also obtaining the same leave in line with her mother. My client recently received her biometrics residence permit and it was always very rewarding to work for her. Today she is in a position to make positive contributions to UK society and raising her daughter in a safe and stable environment. 


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