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OTS Partner Teni Shahiean Features On BBC Discussing EEA Migrants And Brexit

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OTS founding partner and Immigration law expert, Teni Shahiean recently appeared on a BBC TV news feature examining the consequences of Brexit for EU nationals living in the UK.

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The in-depth piece featured an EU national, Ms. Shahiean and a psychotherapist discussing the impact that triggering Article 50 has had on Europeans who have made Britain their home.

permanent residence Card applications

Dutch national, Lindsay Van Dijk explained her feelings towards Brexit with the presenter, Greg Dawson; “I am upset, confused; it's chaos. I wanted to do a Ph.D. here (in Britain) that was fully funded. I am not sure if I can do that now because it is a four-year long program and the plan is to Brexit in 2019”.

Mr. Dawson also examined the bane of EU nationals and the best Immigration lawyers’ existence – the application form for an EU permanent residence Card. “If the rights of EU citizens are not guaranteed by the time the UK exits the EU, a permanent residence application form is what stands between people and their right to live in the UK”.

In Germany, the permanent residence Card application form is two pages long. The UK Home Office expects EU migrants to cope with an 85-page document and support it with masses of evidence. And despite the EU referendum taking place over nine months ago, the British government has taken no steps to simplify the document or the procedure for acquiring permanent residence. The length of the document and the application process itself is adding to the frustration and confusion EU nationals living in the UK are feeling.

So many people are looking for answers

Ms. Shahiean told the BBC that there was a lot of panic amongst EU migrants living in the UK and many were seeking the assistance of OTS Solicitors to provide answers. “The best advice we can give at the moment is for EU nationals to try and get themselves something from the Home Office, some sort of letter or status document so if there is a transitional agreement, you can have that and can show it.”

The emotional consequences of being left in limbo

Psychotherapist Professor Emmy Von Duerzen explained that after the referendum, many EU nationals felt a loss of identity, along with their sense of safety and security in the world.

The report highlighted the concerns of a sharp rise in Brexit related anxiety. Professor Von Duerzen commented, “from one day to the next, people lose their sense of belonging, become isolated in their fears, and they do not know how to deal with the situation, so they start to flood with emotion.”

Concluding comments

The Prime Minister has frequently praised the contribution that EU migrants have made economically and culturally to Britain, stating that she wants to guarantee the rights of Europeans living in the UK as soon as possible. However, until this is done, EU nationals remain in limbo. Decisions on whether to buy a property, study or start a new business may be put on hold due to the uncertainty surrounding their legal right to stay in Britain. This has profound consequences, not just for the migrants themselves, but for the wider society.

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