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OTS Solicitor’s Managing Partner Featured In El Español

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OTS Solicitor’s managing partner Oshin Shahiean’s Immigration law expertise has been featured this week in a prominent Spanish online magazine El Español.

The article features the plight of several young Spanish nationals who are struggling to acquire an EU permanent residence Card and the fear many of them have that the UK government will not guarantee their rights to stay in the UK after Brexit.

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Mr Shahiean told the magazine that "Since the referendum we have had many requests from people who have never thought about solidifying their residency status in the UK. We get a lot of young people asking for permanent residence because of the fear and uncertainty regarding their current position and many others who want nationality so they can remain in the country, regardless of the political situation."

Difficulty in obtaining documents to prove ‘qualified person’ status

Many of the Spanish nationals interviewed for the article mention the difficulty of collating the documents required to show that they have been exercising their Treaty rights in the UK as an employee, student, self-employed or self-sufficient person for five years or more. Some also complained about the length and complexity of the 85-page application form for a permanent residence Card.

Mr Shahiean was quoted as saying that the British Immigration Department had “not made life easy”.

He also stated that the requirement for Comprehensive Sickness Insurance is one that many European nationals who have moved to the UK were unaware of. "One of the biggest obstacles to getting permanent residence status is the lack of information about having to have private health insurance, even though EU nationals are able to use the NHS" he said.

You can read the full article at http://www.elespanol.com/mundo/europa/20170306/198730690_0.html

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