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OTS Solicitors’ Managing Partner Oshin Shahiean featured on Swiss RSI TV Channel

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OTS Solicitors’ Managing Partner Oshin Shahiean featured on Swiss RSI TV Channel

Oshin Shahiean, managing partner and Immigration law specialist at OTS Solicitors was interviewed by Swiss RSI TV for a segment which was broadcast today. The feature discussed the situation in the UK, 100 days after the Brexit vote.

The news item made clear that the only certainty following the referendum was that no certainty had been achieved and the three million European nationals who currently reside in the UK remain unclear regarding their future.

It went on to say that despite common sense indicating that the British government would not be involving itself in any mass deportations of EU nationals, Oshin explained that requests for permanent residence Card applications had increased dramatically following the referendum.

“Immediately after the vote for Brexit occurred, we began seeing a wave of queries and applications for permanent residence Cards, around four to five times more than normal. However, British Citizenship applications have not increased as sharply, due to the requirement that EU nationals seeking citizenship must have a permanent residence Card”.

Oshin then went on to say that it was noteworthy that the new policy of requiring a permanent residence Card before obtaining British Citizenship was implemented in November 2015, over six months before the In/Out Referendum. He raised the question of whether the then Home Secretary and now British Prime Minister had been preparing for the possibility that the UK electorate would vote for Brexit, which would immediately result in an increase in British Citizenship applications.

Steps EU nationals can take to secure their residency in the UK

Commenting after the interview, Oshin further stated that, “It is imperative that EU nationals take steps now to secure permanent residency. UK Visa and Immigration are already facing a backlog of applications and our Immigration solicitors are now dealing with many original applications that were rejected upon first submission. By instructing an experienced Immigration lawyer to assist with filling in the permanent residence Card application form and collating the necessary documents, you stand a much greater chance of submitting a successful application”.

To see the RSI news piece, please click here.

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