OTS Successful Article 8 Human Rights / Appendix FM Application and Immigration Appeal

Mr B was a Nigerian national with four dependents, (a wife and three children).  The entire family had overstayed their visa and were facing deportation.

We assisted Mr B in preparing a strong application to stay in the UK on Human Rights grounds with a view to being granted an appeal to challenge the Home Office decision. With sucessfully obtaining a right of appeal we worked along side the UK's best immigration barristers and a team of soliciotrs from our firm ensured that every detailed aspect of the case was presented to the immigration Judge for a sucessful outcome. We were pleased to inform our client shortly after the heaering that they had been sucessful on Human Rights grounds and the whole family had been granted leave to remain in the UK.

Applications under Human Rights Grounds.

Most applications brought by overstaying families who want to remain in the UK are made under Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights.  Article 8 states that everyone has the right to a private and family life, free from state interference.

Applicants can appeal under Article 8 if they can show that removal from the UK would result in unreasonable disruption to their family life.  In order to succeed with an Article 8 appeal, it is imperative to instruct a recommended immigration Solicitor who has experience in such cases as they can be complex.  OTS Solicitors have a proven track record of successfully appealing decisions from the Home Office on Human Rights grounds and achieving the best outcome for their clients at immigration appeal hearings.

This work was carried out by Principal Solicitor Teni Shahiean with the assistance of our Appeal team and Senior Caseworker Nataliya Bondarets.

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