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Sajid Javid appointed to replace Amber Rudd as Home Secretary

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Sajid Javid, the new Home Secretary, appointed yesterday following Amber Rudd’s resignation, is the first minority ethnic person to hold the post.
New Home Secretary expresses solidarity with the Windrush generation
Mr Javid, who was the Communities Secretary until his appointment as Home Secretary on 30th April 2018, is of Pakistani origin. His father came to the UK from Pakistan when he was 17. He worked first in a cotton mill in Rochdale, and then as a bus driver, and paid for his son to take his maths ‘O’ level when the school wasn’t prepared to do so. Sajid Javid went on to study for an economics and politics degree and then had a career in banking before beginning his political career.
Mr Javid has been quick to express his anger at the treatment of members of the Windrush generation by the Home Office. As he told Parliament
“…when I heard that people who were long-standing pillars of their community were being impacted for simply not having the right documents to prove their legal status in the UK, I thought that it could be my mum, my brother, my uncle or even me.”
Windrush generation bear the brunt of the ‘hostile environment’
Mrs Rudd resigned as Home Secretary following the disclosure of documents which showed that she had misled Parliament over the existence of internal targets for Voluntary Departures from the UK. Revelations over the last few weeks have painted a picture of a Home Office intent on creating a truly hostile environment for those in the UK illegally. The sole purpose of this policy has been to encourage these people to leave of their own accord. It gave no thought to the impact it would have on thousands of Commonwealth citizens who came, by invitation, to rebuild the UK after the second World War. Without paperwork to prove their right to be in the UK, the Windrush generation have been treated as ‘soft targets’ by the Immigration authorities.
Change needed to the Home Office culture
A change in personality, and perhaps a change in approach to dealing with people in the UK without a regularised Immigration status is one thing. As Immigration lawyers in London, we experience the complexity of the Immigration rules and the entrenched and single-minded culture within the Home Office when it comes to removals and deportations on an almost daily basis. Whether Mr Javid can change that is another matter entirely.
As leading Immigration lawyers in London, we can help with any issues you have with your Immigration status, whether you are a member of the Windrush generation who has suffered under the ‘hostile environment’ policy, or you need help and advice to regularise some other aspect of your Immigration status. OTS Solicitors is highly ranked in the Legal 500 for Immigration and Human Rights – book your appointment with us today by calling 0203 959 9123.

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