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True extent of Windrush Scandal covered up

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Revelations that the Windrush scandal has impacted far more widely than initially publicised, affecting more than just those from the Caribbean but nationals of other Commonwealth countries, come as no surprise to Legal 500 recommended Immigration firm OTS Solicitors. The hostile environment policy has been of huge concern to us, impacting many of our clients looking for help to regularise their Immigration status in the face of an unsympathetic government.

Immigration lawyers support call for transparency

Virendra Sharma MP, chair of the Indo-British All-Party Parliamentary Group explained that he has called upon the government to release figures showing the nationality breakdown of those referred to the Windrush taskforce. He explained:

“The Windrush scandal cuts across all communities and reinforces the idea that Britain is unwelcoming to migrants.

“What is so shocking is that these migrants were invited here 40 years ago, have paid taxes, contributed to society and made a home here, but are now being told they don’t belong.

“It isn’t just Caribbean families being torn apart, but Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi too, all of them are British and should be welcome.

“That is why I have called on the Home Office today to release the details of the nationality breakdown of those referred to the Windrush taskforce. The government should not be allowed to cover this up.”

Virendra Sharma’s call to release these figures has the support of many of the best Immigration solicitors in London who have been hearing first-hand the stories of mis-treatment many of the Windrush generation have experienced under the hostile environment policy.

Windrush Taskforce tackling injustice caused by hostile environment

In the wake of the scandal that broke earlier in 2018, revealing that many members of the so-called Windrush generation had been targeted under the hostile environment policy, the Government set up the Windrush taskforce to ensure that all those affected could regularise their Immigration position swiftly and effectively. While the government has, in communications, focussed on individuals from Caribbean countries who were invited over to the UK in the 60s and 70s to help rebuild in the post-war era, it appears that a significant minority of those referred to the task force are from non-Caribbean countries, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ghana.

OTS Solicitors have a team of highly experienced Immigration solicitors able to handle all aspects of Immigration law. Based in London, our team is on hand to help any member of the Windrush generation who have experienced difficulties under the hostile environment. Call 0203 959 9123 to book an appointment today.

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