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UK Employers Struggling To Find Staff Because Of Brexit

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The newspapers are reporting that British businesses are struggling to fill vacancies as Brexit starts to bite.

HR directors and business owners are worried about the sharp drop in the number of people applying for roles. Sectors affected most include, technology, social care, engineering, and accounting.

Many are seeking help from the best Immigration lawyers to help prepare their HR systems so they can apply for a UK Sponsor License to allow them to recruit outside the EU.

According to The Guardian, The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) said its latest monthly snapshot of the jobs market found vacancies continued to rise in April for permanent and temporary staff.

The REC chief executive, Kevin Green told The Guardian, “Demand for staff is growing within all sectors and all regions of the UK, but there are fewer and fewer people available to fill the vacancies.”

There also seems to be a reluctance from EU nationals to come and work in the UK.

“We have the lowest unEmployment rate since 2005 and people already in work are becoming more hesitant about moving jobs amid Brexit uncertainty. Meanwhile, the weakening pound and lack of clarity about future Immigration rules are putting off some EU nationals from taking up roles in the UK.”

Mr Green has urged the British government to put more investment into training and career advice for local workers and to ensure employers can easily access workers from abroad following Brexit.

James McGrory of the Open Britain group told The Independent this week, “This (REC) study makes very clear the serious impact Brexit-related uncertainty is having on our economy, and the fears employers have that it could lead to skills shortages.

"Workers are unwilling to move to new jobs because they fear the damage a job-destroying, chaotic Brexit would have on our economy. Companies worry that draconian new Immigration rules will make it harder for them to get the skilled labour they need, damaging both our economy and our public services."

Immigration solicitors across the UK, and especially in London, the heart of the British economy, are intervening to offer the best advice to HR directors and employers. Companies are being urged to prepare their application for a UK Sponsor Licence as soon as possible. The most important step to take is to ensure HR systems and processes can comply with existing Sponsor Licence obligations. This will make it easier to quickly adapt procedures should the government introduce a Tier 2 visa system for EU nationals following Britain’s exit from the EU.

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