Can a positive immigration judgment be appealed? banner

Can a positive immigration judgment be appealed?

Can a positive immigration judgment be appealed?

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Hi , my friend received a positive decision from the judge on his appeal against HO refusal to grant him a permanent residency in UK however the Home Office appealing against the decision given by the Judge. What happens next and how worried should he be ? thank you

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Thank you for your enquiry. As part of the appeal process, the Home Office may appeal the positive judgment. You will be notified of any decision to appeal and be given plenty of notice to seek legal representation. It is not clear what stage the process is at however, as your circumstances are complex, we would like to invite you to arrange a consultation with us so that we can understand your situation in full detail and to have full instructions from you. Should you decide to arrange an appointment, feel free to call our switchboard number on 02039599123 or click here and we would be glad to assist you.

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