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My partner and I used OTS for our PBS Dependent visa which was successful. Vishal was the main allocated solicitor handling our case with assistance from Toby. Our initial meeting with Vishal was very good and informative, he studied my Immigration history which was not very simple and provided us with the route forward. The only disappointment we had through the entire period of this was some lack of prompt responses from Vishal and some gaps in the information provided. We found ourselves continuously needing more information to do with supporting our application which could have clearly been defined earlier specially due to supporting documents required. We found ourselves digging things out eventually ourselves and just checking information with Vishal for confirmation. We did manage to submit on time based on the deadline we had in mind which eventually kept us satisfied. It is very much worth noting that Toby was of an extreme help to us specially at the end in critical times close to our submission. Toby was extremely prompt and detailed in his responses and we found him of huge help. We thank them for helping us in submitting our application and finally get my visa. I for sure recommend OTS Solicitors as a firm but it is worth noting that one must always do much of the work through independent research into their own case and then discuss it with the allocated solicitor as this will surely help in putting together a stronger application.

Case type: Business Immigration

Case workers: Hans Sok Appadu

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