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Breaking news: International students visa rule changes

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top London immigration solicitors are delighted to highlight the Home Office announcement that under new proposals international students will be allowed to stay in the UK for two years after graduation to find Employment.

Why is the news so welcome? Well, in an age when London immigration solicitors are frequently reporting on the Home Office hostile environment policy and advising EU citizens on their Brexit options, it is great to have some positive news to share.

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London based OTS Solicitors are specialist in student visa and helping with student’s work visa options at the end of overseas student courses.
Our friendly and experienced team of Immigration solicitors in our student and graduate visa team will be happy to advise you on your best student and work visa options .For help or to learn more about our student and graduate Immigration law services please call us on 0203 959 9123 to speak to one of our experienced London immigration solicitors.

student visa Immigration Rule changes

Some readers may recall that it was only eight years ago that the then-Home Secretary, Theresa May, introduced Immigration Rules that required international students to leave four months after completing their degree. At the time Theresa May’s announcement was seen as part of the Home Office hostile environment policy, tough on migrants whatever their background, qualifications, and ignoring what international students could bring to the UK and its economy.
The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said the change in Immigration Rules for overseas students would enable international students to "unlock their potential" and begin careers in the UK.
top London immigration solicitors say that it is proposed that the Immigration Rule change will apply to international students who, from next year, are studying in the UK for degree or undergraduate qualifications or on postgraduate courses. Potentially the Immigration Rule change could affect up to about 460,000 international students, based on historical overseas student figures. The numbers may be significantly higher as the figure of 460,000 does not include overseas students from the EU. After Brexit EU citizens studying in the UK will be classed as ‘overseas students’ unless they have Settled Status under the EU Settlement Scheme and will be subject to the same visa regulations and Immigration Rules.

Overseas students – a new career in the UK after studying

With any proposed new Immigration Rule changes, top London immigration solicitors say that it is vital to study the details of the Home Office plans.
A quick read of the headlines would make international students who qualified this year think that the Immigration Rule changes are good news for them. However, despite the UK’s low unEmployment figures and the difficulties experienced by some companies in recruiting qualified staff, particularly in areas such as London and the South East region, the proposed Immigration Rule changes will only affect overseas students completing their courses next year.
London immigration solicitors say that the best option for international students currently studying in the UK, or hoping to do so, is to get legal advice on the rules as the “devil is in the detail” and will catch out the unwary.
For example, the proposed new Immigration Rules say that overseas students must:

• Be students at an institution with a track record in upholding Immigration checks; and

• Undertaking a course that is of least under graduate degree level;

• Apply for the two-year work visa at the end of their student course – failure to apply for the correct Tier 4 visa will affect Immigration status.

These requirements may affect international students’ choice of higher education institution or course, so it is best to study the Immigration Rules or get advice from a top London Immigration solicitor before embarking on a course.
Under the new student work visa proposals, there are no restrictions on:

• The type of jobs students would have to seek;

• The subject in which the degree was obtained;

• The salary that an overseas student has to secure;

• The number of student work visas or cap on numbers.

Why the change in policy towards international students?

top London immigration solicitors and campaigners have long argued that international students bring an enormous economic contribution to the UK economy, currently estimated at £26 billion. The UK government hopes that improving post-study work and visa opportunities for international students will help attract additional students, with all the financial advantages they bring to the UK economy.
Without a return to the pre 2012 Immigration Rules on student post study work visa options the prime minister, Boris Johnston, made it clear that he thought the UK would not be able to compete to attract the brightest and the best from across the globe to study and work in the UK.

International students and the class of 2019

Under current student Immigration Rules, graduates with a degree or masters can look for work for four months. The new proposed Immigration Rules will not help the overseas graduate class of 2019.
That means that the proposed Immigration Rule change will come too late to assist the estimated 460,000 international students who formed part of the ‘class of 2019’. What is the best move for the class of 2019? top London immigration solicitors say that although those international students cannot benefit from the Immigration Rule changes this year they may be able to do so if they elect to study on a postgraduate course. There are also alternative visa options available to the class of 2019 overseas students, such as the new Start-up Visa or Innovator Visa.
If international students want to explore the best options of continuing to live in the UK after the conclusion of their studies, then top London immigration solicitors advise that students should take advice when first considering whether to apply for a Tier 4 student visa and towards the end of their UK degree course.

How can OTS Solicitors help?

OTS Solicitors specialise in student visa and work visa applications. The team of London based Immigration solicitors have substantial experience in advising students on the best visa options and obtaining UK student and work visas.
The success of OTS Solicitors and the student and graduate services team in securing student and work visas is down to expertise, experience and a thorough knowledge and understanding of the complex Home Office Immigration Rules and regulations surrounding international student study and work visa applications.
The law directory, The Legal 500, recommend OTS Solicitors for Immigration law. OTS Solicitors also have Law Society accredited solicitors status as trusted specialists in Immigration law.
For more information on overseas students study visas, the best routes for international students to secure student or work visas or for help and advice on your best visa options if you are a 2019 overseas student graduate from a UK university please call us on 0203 959 9123 to speak to one of our experienced London immigration advisors.

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