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Coronavirus immigration guidance for students

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Every year the student visa team at OTS Solicitors work really hard to get Student Visas through for students wanting to come to the UK to study on Tier 4 visas. We are always proud when students report back on their exam results and send us pictures of themselves in their graduation robes. This year we are getting calls from students here in the UK on Student Visas who are desperately worried about family members overseas and about missing classes. In this blog we offer you the latest guidance on coronavirus and international students.

COVID-19 update:

A message from OTS Solicitors - We have already brought online, and deployed the advanced infrastructure, processes and safeguards to allow our professionals and support teams to function fully remotely. Within our client service areas, our teams have implemented plans to ensure that our clients continue to be served without disruption. We would also like to remind our existing and new clients that we have offered a digital consultation option for several years and now in light of the Corona Virus developments we would encourage any clients seeking on-going consultations or new clients to contact our switchboard who will arrange an appointment via our online platform, skype or telephone conferencing.

Online Immigration solicitors

If you are worried about the impact of coronavirus on your Immigration status and student visa or have questions about any other aspect of Immigration law and how it affects you then the specialist student visa Immigration lawyers at OTS Solicitors can offer advice through video conferencing, Skype or telephone appointments. Call us on 0203 959 9123 or complete our online enquiry form.

Coronavirus and UK student visa Immigration queries

The government has issued guidance on COVID-19 coronavirus and the impact of the virus on UK Immigration and on those on Student Visas.

We know that many of our student visa clients and others in the UK on student visas are very worried about their situation. We are also getting calls from worried parents calling from overseas wanting to know how they can help their children.

All of the immigration solicitors in the student visa team at OTS Solicitors know just how worrying the current situation is for you and your families. If you have a concern about the impact of Covid 19 on:

Then call OTS Solicitors on 0203 959 9123 or complete our online enquiry form.

We are here, at the end of a phone, or available through video conferencing or Skype to answer your student visa questions.

Going into college on a student visa

It is the experience of the student visa Immigration team that students in the UK on Student Visas are some of the most dedicated to their studies with a real determination to succeed. We understand that and your worry that if you skip classes your student visa may be affected. Don’t worry – the government has realised that it isimportant that those on Student Visas understand that absence from classes or lectures won't count against you during this turbulent time if:

  • You have the coronavirus

  • You suspect you have the coronavirus

  • You are living in a household where one of you is displaying symptoms of coronavirus

  • You are in the class of people who the government has advised to self-isolate.

The Home Office has announced that educational institutions do not have to report absences from studies by international students that arise because of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition the government has said that educational establishments do not have to withdraw their sponsorship of students on student visas who have been unable to attend their educational institution for more than sixty days because of coronavirus.

Visa extensions for Chinese students studying in the UK

If you are from China and you are in England on a student visa then the Home Office has said that it will give you additional leave to remain if your student visa is due to expire on a date between the 24 January 2020 and 30 March 2020, provided that you have complied with any visa conditions prior to the coronavirus outbreak. You don’t need to make a formal application for a visa extension but your visa extension will be subject to the same conditions as your last student visa.

You won't get any paperwork from the Home Office about your visa extension to the 31 March 2020 as Home Office officials say that the system is just updated.

Final year students

If you are in your final year of university or college then your student visa won't be expiring in March but you may be concerned about your visa options if you want to stay in the UK after your graduation.

The current Home Office guidance states that if you are a Chinese national and you want to stay in the UK beyond the 31 March then you should submit your visa extension application before your visa expiry date. The same advice applies to any other overseas student. Immigration solicitors are here to help if you are worried about how to go about your visa extension application and what your options are if you were thinking of, for example, applying for a Tier 2 (General) visa or a Start-up visa.

Online Immigration solicitors

If you are worried about coronavirus and the implications for your student visa, your Immigration status or you have questions about applying for a visa extension or post student visa or any other aspect of Immigration law then the specialist student visa Immigration law team at OTS Solicitors can help you with advice through video conference appointments, Skype or telephone appointments. Call us on 0203 959 9123 or complete our online enquiry form.

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