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Curry Houses Claim They Are Victims Of Unfair Home Office Raids

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British curry houses are a well-loved institution. But last week, owners reported to The Guardian that they are being unfairly targeted in Immigration raids conducted by the Home Office, designed to apprehend illegal workers.

The industry’s largest trade body, the Bangladesh Caterers Association (BCA) has written to Immigration minister Brandon Lewis to discuss the impact of tough new Immigration laws and what restaurant owners say is an increase in Immigration raids.

Curry houses employ around 100,000 people throughout the UK. Owners have told Immigration solicitors that they are struggling to recruit the best talent because young people are increasingly unwilling to join family businesses. This is compounded by the shortage of skilled chefs throughout the country.

The Guardian cited one high-profile recent raid which saw acclaimed east London restaurant Tayyabs closed temporarily, and six arrests made. Customers arriving at the Whitechapel institution known for its long queues found an “illegal working closure notice”, stating that paid and voluntary work of any kind was prohibited at the premises.

Immigration officers visited Tayyabs at the end of August, “acting on intelligence”, according to the Home Office. They arrested six Pakistani nationals, five of whom were detained prior to removal from the UK.

Arrests and heavy fines have affected curry restaurants as far apart as Kent and North Yorkshire so far this year, and a business in Twickenham has been permanently shut down.

How businesses can protect themselves from Home Office raids

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Obtaining a UK Sponsor Licence, issuing Certificates of Sponsorship, running a sResident Labour Market Test and complying fully with the duties and responsibilities set out in the Sponsor Guidance does not need to be daunting. With the help of an experienced Immigration solicitor, your organisation can be free to hire the best talent from anywhere in the world.

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