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Dalton Harris, X Factor winner, and Tier 5 music visas

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You would think that the winner of ITV’s X Factor television programme would be feeling on the top of the world. After all he has come from singing on cruise ships to battling thousands of other singers to be crowned X Factor champion 2018.

However, according to reports in the Sun newspaper, Dalton Harris’s attention is not just on his record deal and the X Factor tour but on his Immigration status in the UK.

Dalton Harris reportedly told the Sun newspaper that he obtained a visa to come to the UK from his native Jamaica for the purposes of appearing on the X Factor. However, with the conclusion of the TV programme his visa will expire necessitating his return to Jamaica in January.

Dalton Harris said he arrived in the UK on a temporary visa. What are his options now?

Standard visitor visa

As a non-EU musician, Dalton Harris will have probably entered the UK on a standard visitor visa. top London immigration solicitors are asked if visitor visas are appropriate for musicians. The name implies that they are only suitable for tourists. However, a standard visitor visa allows artists, entertainers and musicians to come to the UK and:

• Give performances as an individual or in a group; and

• Take part in competitions; and

• Audition for work; and

• Make personal appearances and carry out promotional activities; and

• Take part in specific cultural events or festivals.

The standard visitor visa does not allow a visitor to do paid work other than at specifically identified festivals.

A standard visitor visa lasts for up to 6 months. The visa can be extended if it was granted for less than the full 6 months. An extension of a visitor visa will not suit Dalton Harris’s needs now he has been crowned the X factor winner.

Tier 5 visa

A Tier 5 visa is a temporary worker visa for non-EEA citizens. The best London immigration solicitors advise that Dalton Harris would need to apply for a Tier 5 (Temporary Worker- Creative and Sporting).

These types of visas are for creative workers, including actors, film crew and singers.

In order to secure a visa Dalton Harris would need:

• Certificate of Sponsorship from a sponsor; and

• Make a unique contribution to the UK labour market.

Some creative workers may find it hard to argue that they will make a unique contribution to the labour market. However, with an X Factor tour and record deal the eligibility criteria should not be an issue for Dalton Harris.

Likewise, as the winner of X Factor and with a record deal, Dalton Harris should not have trouble in securing the Certificate of Sponsorship. The Certificate of Sponsorship is a unique reference number which links to information about Dalton Harris and the work he is doing while in the UK.

Once granted the Certificate of Sponsorship the migrant can work in the job described in the Certificate of Sponsorship.

How can OTS Solicitors help?

Top London solicitors expect a surge in visa applications by musicians, singers and creative workers in the light of Dalton Harris’s success story.

Many singers and musicians only have a limited window of opportunity to pursue fame and fortune. Imagine if Dalton Harris did not have a visa to enter the UK in time for the 2018 X Factor competition. The 2019 competition may have been too late for him to make his mark.

Given the time pressures on musicians and singers, it is vital to get expert Immigration help on visa options and assistance with the application process.

Dalton Harris is a success story. Some people will recall previous X Factor competition applicants who fell foul of Immigration rules and regulations. They either could not take part in the competition or had to withdraw from the process.

Any singer or musician, whether they are an X Factor competitor or not, has a dream. Many think that their dream can happen in the UK because the UK is known for the strength of its music industry.

OTS Solicitors can help start the process of making a dream a reality by:

• Providing bespoke expert Immigration advice; and

• Having specialist knowledge of music related visas for the entertainment industry; and

• Providing discreet, confidential advice to singers, musicians and agents; and

• Advising potential sponsor applicants on the procedure to apply for a Sponsor Licence so that they can sponsor a singer or musician; and

• Advising sponsors on any issues relating to the revocation or downgrading of their Sponsor Licence; and

• Working to tight deadlines and pressures to secure visas; and

• Providing expert help on the options to extend visas for musicians, singers and other creative workers.

OTS Solicitors can help

Are you a musician, singer, artist, music promoter or agent? top London immigration solicitors can help. We are experts at sorting out Immigration visas for performers and bands for touring and television performances.

OTS Solicitors are London based Immigration law experts with many years’ experience in all aspects of visa and Immigration law and the UK Immigration rules. OTS Solicitors work with UK based music promoters and agencies, and with those based outside the UK and EU to assist in the smooth passage of artists, bands and musicians to the UK for performance and touring purposes.

Based in central London, OTS Solicitors are easily accessible. The team of Immigration lawyers at OTS Solicitors are well practised in delivering practical and efficient solutions to Immigration issues. For more information please call us on 0203 959 9123 in confidence.

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