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EB5 Green Card Visas to the US: The Alternative and Available UK Work and Business Visa Options

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From Green Card to the red white and blue of the UK and its work visa and business visa opportunities. They say that when one door closes another one opens. With the current difficulties and delays being experienced by those looking to set up business in the US via the EB5 visa, our UK immigration solicitors look at your alternative UK business visa options as the UK remains very much ‘open for business’.

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The EB5 Green Card

Have you applied for the EB5 and are you waiting in limbo pending the new legislation?

Are you thinking about a move to the USA to set up a business or to work but don’t want to delay your plans?

If either of those scenarios apply to you then take a look at the UK and what it offers for overseas based entrepreneurs looking to set up a UK based business or those wanting to secure skilled employment. In the UK, your work visa and your business visaoptions are exactly the same; whether are an Indian national or looking to move from the Middle East or China or elsewhere.

The UK work visa

If you are looking at work visa options with a view to eventually settling in the UK then the most popular work visa is the skilled worker visa. To secure a skilled worker visa on the UK points-based immigration system you will need to secure a minimum of seventy points.

The main eligibility criteria are that you have an offer of a job from a UK employer with a Home Office issued sponsor licence and that the employer will sponsor you to work for them doing a job with a standard occupation code that pays a minimum salary threshold or the relevant percentage threshold of the going rate for the job. After five years in the UK, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain provided you meet the eligibility criteria. You can then go onto apply for British citizenship.

If you are interested in whether you could meet the eligibility criteria for a skilled worker visa or want information on dependant visas for your family call OTS Solicitors on 0203 959 9123.

The UK business visa 

When it comes to setting up a business in the UK from overseas there are a number of alternative visa options. Some of these visa options don’t require investment funds but importantly all of them can lead either directly or indirectly to settlement in the UK.

 Your UK business visa options include:

UK immigration solicitors like to think that there is a business visa that may suit your needs whether you have no funds or over £10 million to invest or whether you are an experienced and successful business owner or looking at setting up your first start-up.

The best business visa for you will depend on your business plans, investment funds, settlement goals and personal preferences. That is why it is best to speak to an immigration solicitor about your available options so you can not only be sure that the UK is the right place for your business and for your family but that you have the right immigration legal advice so you understand the various visa routes available to you and can make an informed decision about opting for a UK visa as opposed to waiting in limbo for the EB5 US visa.

Ready to go

When it comes to UK visas you can be reassured that all work visa and business visa routes are open and being actively processed by the Home Office. You and your family therefore won't be stuck in limbo. Our business immigration solicitors can give you a clear idea about UK visa timescales when we know:

  • Which visa option best meets your needs.
  • Whether you have most of the documents you need for our immigration experts to put together a detailed visa application. If you don’t and you need putting in touch with the right professionals, such as an accountant or business consultant, we can help with that.
  • Whether you want to pay the Home Office to process your application quickly by paying for a Home Office premium service (where available).

The UK may not have been your first visa choice but with all the delays with the US EB5 visa and the positivity generated about setting up business in a country that is English speaking, is close connection to the EU markets but without all the EU restrictions, and is continuing to negotiate trade deals you may conclude that the UK is not only ‘ready to go’ with your visa application but also wants you as you have the work skills or business flair to put money into the UK economy.

UK Online and London Based Immigration Solicitors 

For a discussion on your work visa and business visa options and help with any aspect of UK immigration law call the immigration team at OTS Solicitors on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.

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