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Frequently Asked Questions – UK Visit Visas and Refusals

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I have been refused visit visas to the UK in the past. What are the chances of me getting a visit visa if I was to apply now?

Our Visit Visa specialists at OTS have dealt with many complicated visit visa applications, especially for those applicants whom have had previous visa applications refused. The key thing to remember when re-applying for a visit visa is to address the issues raised by UKVI in previous refusals.

We have an excellent success rate in obtaining visit visas for our clients whom have been refused in the past. Our comprehensive legal representations are tailored in such a way so as to not only represent the case in a positive light but also to challenge and address any issues raised in the past.

I have been refused a Visit Visa to the UK. Is there a way to challenge the refusal without having to re-apply?

Yes, we can challenge Visit Visa refusals as long as you have been refused within the last 3 months. Our Visit Visa specialists have an excellent record in reversing unlawful Visit Visa refusals by adopting clever techniques to reach the relevant department within UKVI and drafting cogent representations challenging the refusal decision.

In most cases, UKVI have contacted us informing us that they would be reconsidering the matter and issuing the visa.

*Please refer to our infographic for more details on this.

I have a 10-year re-entry ban placed on my record for non-disclosure of certain facts in a previous visa application. I have just re-applied for a visit visa and have been refused. Is there anything I can do to lift the ban?

We can consider the refusal decision and establish whether we can challenge the re-entry ban placed on your records. Of course, this will depend upon the nature of the ban and the reasons behind it.

We have very recently attempted to lift a re-entry ban from our client’s records. The UKVI manager confirmed that they will reconsider a fresh application with a view to lift the ban.

The key to this level of success boils down to our representations which are drafted with time and effort to maximise our client’s chances of success.

I want to travel to the UK to attended conferences and meetings on behalf of my company. What visa do I need for this?

You will need to apply for a Business Visit Visa which will allow to you to take part in limited work-related activities in the UK.

Our Visit Visa specialists work alongside prestigious companies in the UAE, assisting them with securing visas for their employees.

My spouse lives in the UK. They cannot meet the financial requirement to sponsor me at present. Can I go and visit them in the UK?


Although there will be hurdles as you must demonstrate to UKVI that you will return to your home country at then end of your visit, we can draft strong representations to represent your case to the Entry Clearance Officers.

Our representations in such applications are tailored to reflect your Article 8 rights under European Convention on Human Rights using leading caselaw (see: Mostafa Article 8 in entry clearance).

Please contact OTS Solicitors Immigration team on 0203 959 9123 if you require any further information on challenging your visit visa refusal.

Frequently Asked Questions – UK Visit Visas

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