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If your UK spouse visa application has been refused then it is understandable to feel not only disappointed but angry and frustrated with yourself or your spouse, either because of the way you filled in the application, the amount of supporting paperwork provided or your choice of solicitor to handle your spouse visa application.

As London spouse visa solicitors we are often asked to advise on a spouse visa appeal after a spouse visa application has been refused because either the visa applicant didn’t use a solicitor to make the application or used a non-specialist solicitor.

spouse visa solicitors

If your spouse visa application has been rejected then call the central London spouse visa specialists on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.
Whether your application for a UK spouse visa was made in the UK or from a non EEA country, such as the Philippines, India or Pakistan, then OTS Solicitors will be able to help you and give advice on your best options to secure a UK spouse visa.

spouse visa refusals

Statistically Spouse Visas are refused more frequently than other types of UK visa. That’s mainly because spouse visa applicants don’t always understand how to best present their application or what documents to provide in support.
If your spouse visa application has been refused you should tale legal advice from a spouse visa solicitor on the options of:

• Appealing the refusal of your spouse visa; or

• Applying for an alternative visa to secure entry in to the UK, for example, a Tier 2 (General) visa.

spouse visa refusal reasons

The most frequent reasons that the Home Office gives for refusing a spouse visa refusal are:

• Insufficient evidence that you are in a genuine and subsisting relationship;

• Failure to meet the financial requirement or to provide the correct paperwork to evidence that you meet the spouse visa financial requirement.

When a specialist spouse visa solicitor reviews a refused spouse visa application (and the supporting paperwork) it can be easy for them to spot why a Home Office official may have refused the application based on the solicitor’s years of experience of submitting successful UK spouse visa applications.

spouse visa refused financial grounds

If your spouse visa application was refused on financial grounds it is often because:

• You have a number of sources of income that make up the minimum income financial requirement of £18,600 per year and the Home Office don’t understand how you have calculated your income or you haven’t provided enough evidence in support;

• You have to prove that you have had an income of at least £18,600 for at least six months;

• You can only use both spouse’s income if you are both in the UK and working at the time of the spouse visa application.

spouse visa refusal appeal

If you have had your application for a spouse visa refused then you do have a right of appeal against the spouse visa refusal. That is because visa applicants have a right of appeal if there is a human rights element to their case and spouse visa applicants can argue their appeal based on their right to a private life in the Human Rights Act.
A spouse visa appeal is made to the First-tier Tribunal. There are deadlines to appeal a spouse visa refusal, namely:

• Fourteen days if your spouse visa application was made from within the UK; or

• Twenty eight days if your spouse visa application was made from outside the UK.

If your spouse visa application was refused it is important to get quick legal advice from UK spouse visa solicitors on your appeal options and the additional paperwork you will need to provide to best present your appeal case. For example, more supporting statements may be needed about the genuineness of your relationship or more bank statements may be required to evidence that you do meet the spouse visa financial requirement.

spouse visa appeal process

If your spouse visa refusal appeal is unsuccessful at the First-tier Tribunal hearing then potentially you could appeal the First-tier Tribunal decision to the Upper Tribunal. To appeal to the Upper Tribunal you will need to be able to show that the First-tier Tribunal did not apply the law correctly when determining your appeal against the refusal of your spouse visa.
If you are contemplating an appeal to the Upper Tribunal then you will need to act fast as there are strict time limits to appeal a decision from the First-tier Tribunal.

spouse visa solicitors

If your spouse visa application has been rejected then call the spouse visa specialists based in central London on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.

What spouse visa applicants say about OTS Solicitors

Many spouse visa applicants are understandably wary of trusting an Immigration solicitor who says that they are ‘the best spouse visa solicitor’, often feeling badly let down by a previous Immigration advisor. Lots of spouse visa applicants, and those looking to appeal against a spouse visa refusal, come to OTS Solicitors on personal recommendation. However, if your friends or family haven’t used our spouse visa services here is what some of our spouse visa clients say about our specialist spouse visa solicitors at OTS:
“We found OTS and Kristine (Kristine Lauriaga), after having a refusal due to a bad advice from a less than average lawyer. Kristine managed everything from start to finish, kept us informed, always replied to questions and followed everything through to the issuing of visa's for my wife and step son. 5 stars is not enough for their service, no point using anyone else, and these guys are the best. A massive thanks to Kristine. We will make OTS first choice for anything in the future they can help us with’’.
“Great service. Excellent communication throughout the entire process and made everything easy and fast. All questions were met with helpful and informative answers. I would highly recommend any one that has any worries about their visa application to place their trust in OTS. Kristine (Kristine Lauriaga) and Hans (Hans Sok Appadu) worked very hard for us and have enable my wife and I to live together in England. We will happily place any future application processes or queries in their hands with complete faith.”
Thank you Hans (Hans Sok Appadu) for all your help with my application for a visa to remain in the UK after my marriage to a UK citizen. I had already spent 3+ years, enquiries to different lawyers, 3 failed applications and countless hours of stress and worry before meeting with Hans at OTS. Admittedly this time we were able to change route, but both my husband Peter and I would really have struggled with the complexity of the application had it not been for Hans' help. He made a worrying time easier and helped create logic out of the less than straight forward rules that seems to come out of the home office”.
“From my initial telephone call to OTS, right down to Hans (Hans Sok Appadu) delightful response on hearing of my successful application, the assistance I have received has been thoroughly professional, yet empathetic and listening. I can't praise OTS, and Hans particularly, highly enough”.

The spouse visa solicitors service pledge

At OTS Solicitors our spouse visa solicitors are always delighted when they receive a great google review. That’s because it means they have done an excellent job. Although our spouse visa solicitors can't guarantee that every spouse visa application they submit to the Home Office will be approved or every appeal against a spouse visa refusal will succeed, they can guarantee that they will:

• Explain your best legal options to meet your Immigration goals;

• Keep you fully informed on what is happening (or if there are Home Office delays explain why nothing seems to be happening);

• Won't make promises they can't keep;

• Present your spouse visa application or spouse visa appeal in the best way to secure a successful outcome;

• Fight your corner with lots of energy and determination.

spouse visa solicitors

If your spouse visa application has been rejected then call the spouse visa specialists based in central London on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.
With OTS Solicitors you will be in safe specialist hands as the two leading UK law directories, The Legal 500 and Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession, recommend OTS Solicitors for Immigration law. OTS Solicitors also have English Law Society accredited solicitor status as trusted specialists in Immigration law.
For expert UK spouse visa application help call on 0203 959 9123 or complete our online enquiry form.

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