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Stephen Slater – an advocate in the news

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Stephen Slater is a senior lawyer and in-house advocate at OTS Solicitors and someone with a passion for helping the underdog. He has therefore found his niche area of law in helping the Windrush Generation with their nationality law and hostile environment challenges and in securing justice and compensation for Windrush victims.

When Stephen isn’t threatening judicial review applications and heading off to tribunal hearings he can be found talking to entrepreneurs about their Innovator or Start-up Visa plans. You would not think that a champion for those caught up in the hostile environment policy would have such an affinity with entrepreneurs.
Stephen Slater speaks the language of entrepreneurs as he graduated with a degree in economics. Whilst many lawyers would have no idea about profit and loss sheets and gross turnover, he is a detail man, whose first love was economics. That means he could give most politicians a hard time over Immigration figures.

Oshin Shahiean, managing partner at OTS Solicitors says:

“I think every law firm needs someone like Stephen Slater, a combination of compassion and dedication to helping the victims of the hostile environment policy and Asylum seekers and yet also a hidden talent when it comes to helping entrepreneurs apply for the new Start-up Visa and Innovator Visa.
“Entrepreneurs looking to come to the UK to set up a business under the new Start-up Visa and Innovator Visa routes face a really challenging visa application and interview process. Some, who watch UK television would liken the process to Lord Alan Sugar of the Apprentice appearing on Dragons Den to interview would be business applicants. It is tough.
“That is because, unlike the old Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa when applicants were asked questions by harried Home Office caseworkers who did not always recognise flannel and lack of business knowledge, applicants are now quizzed about their knowledge of business and innovation through an on-line question and answer process. Get through that and the applicant then faces an individual interview with an Endorsing Body. If the applicant is seeking funding from venture capitalist Endorsing Bodies the process does not end there.
“To secure a Start-up Visa or Innovator Visa an applicant not only has to have an innovative business idea, but they need to show how their plans to create five jobs or create a turnover of £500,000 a year can convert from a written business plan to reality. Imagine, as a migrant, going into an interview process with the equivalent of an Alan Sugar, Peter Jones or Deborah Meaden.
“That is why it is so invaluable to have Stephen Slater on the business immigration team helping prepare Start-up Visa and Innovator Visa candidates for mock interviews with Endorsing Bodies. It is unique for an Immigration firm to have an economist, who really understands the language of business plans and venture capitalists, as well as an in-house advocate who is an expert in Immigration law and Home Office procedures.
“Stephen Slater’s combination of financial and legal skills make him a fantastic resource for business visa candidates when preparing for mock Start-up Visa and Innovator Visa interviews as not only can he ask searching financial questions, but he knows the legal answers as well. The business visa interview process can be feared but if you have had a mock interview with Stephen Slater as part of the OTS Solicitors Start-up Visa or Innovator Visa application package it really helps you get ready for the real thing.
“When Stephen Slater isn’t quizzing clients to help get them ready for business visa interviews, he is threatening the Home Office or other government bodies with judicial review and quoting nationality law to help those caught up in Windrush. He really is a formidable advocate to have on your side.”

Stephen Slater, in-house advocate at OTS Solicitors says:

“I relish a challenge and every working day at OTS Solicitors throws up a new challenge. It could be a call from an entrepreneur wanting advice on how best to present their business plan to secure their business visa or a mock interview with an Innovator who needs me to quiz them on why their business is both innovative and scalable in accordance with the Home Office Start-up Visa and Innovator Visa requirements.
“The following day I may be researching nationality law to help a Windrush victim, helping challenge the Immigration hostile environment policy with threats of judicial review or rushing off to a tribunal hearing. Each day is rewarding, as I am fortunate in being able to combine my love of economics, statistics and figures with the law and advocacy.
“Sadly, I do not think I would be so committed and passionate about the law if it had not been for the 2014 Immigration Act that helped create the Windrush generation and all the injustices of the hostile environment policy. Some think that the campaign is over with the government’s announcement that it is committed to putting right the wrongs of Windrush but, as an advocate, I firmly believe that there is so much more that can and should be done for those affected by Windrush.
“With an eye to the future I can potentially see that in a few years’ time it won't just be the Windrush generation asking me to put right Immigration injustices but the Brexit generation and those caught up in Settled Status wrongs trying to establish their right to live and work in the UK . That is why working at OTS Solicitors is such a challenge, but it is one that I thrive on.”

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