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Theresa May’s Speech – A Lot of Build Up, Nothing New To Hear

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British Prime Minister Theresa May’s much anticipated speech, designed to break the Brexit negotiations deadlock, has finally been delivered in Florence this afternoon.

Despite the build-up, the speech did not appear to deliver any ground-breaking news. More will be known after commentators analyse the contents of the words over the coming days. However, keen observers would have noticed a more conciliatory tone from the Prime Minister; comments such as “no deal is better than a bad deal” were nowhere to be heard.

Many of the best Immigration solicitors are in two minds about how the speech will affect their clients. On one hand, Mrs May reiterated how important EU citizens who live in the UK are to the British economy and emphasised their rights would be protected. But on the other, she provided no new information about how securing their residency status would be achieved.

Business and UK Sponsor Licence holders are likely to be pleased with the main message of the speech which was that the UK is seeking a two-year transition period after leaving the EU. This is to avoid the dreaded economic cliff-edge of exiting the bloc without a trade deal and allows corporations and SMEs more time to plan.

During this transition period, Britain would continue to pay into the EU budget and abide by EU laws, including remaining under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. In addition, the principles of freedom of movement would still apply to the UK.

EU nationals still in limbo

At present, EU migrants are still best to instruct an experienced Immigration solicitor and apply for an EU permanent residence Card if they have been living in the UK for five or more years and exercising their EU Treaty rights as a student, self-employed, employed, or self-sufficient person.

Unfortunately, it is common for EU permanent residence applications to be rejected, which is why it is best to invest in gaining the advice of a London-based Immigration lawyer such as OTS Solicitors, who can collate the necessary documents needed to make the application and advise you on the steps to take if your submission is rejected.

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