How long is ‘reasonable period’ of time for disrepair in property? banner

How long is ‘reasonable period’ of time for disrepair in property?

How long is ‘reasonable period’ of time for disrepair in property?

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Since we moved into our 2 bedroom flat, we have had a list of repairs which we raised as and when they have come up. They have taken an average of 12 weeks to repair, with some taking up to 21weeks, including a wwindow which was tajken out becuase it was rotten and had to be boarded up whilst we waited for a new one to be made. This occurred over the coldest months of the year (November-January) and the property is very draughty, which we alerted the agent/landlord to around 6 weeks ago, but they've done nothing. I have in writing from around November from our agent that there were problems on their end including not being able to contact the landlord and communication problems from their employees. How much compensation should I ask the landlord for? I didn't believe that these repairs have been completed in 'reasonable time'.

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Thank you for your enquiry.

You may have the elements of a claim for disrepair. It is ultimately the landlord’s responsibility to address these with a reasonable period and the period of time depends on the severity and urgency of the issue. An objective approach is usually applied to determine what constitutes ‘reasonable’. We can assist with all aspects of housing law and disrepair. For more information, please contact us on 02039599123 or click here 

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