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At OTS Solicitors we fully understand the intricacies of business arrangements and aim at helping you navigate it with ease and confidence.

Our contract services cover broad range of contractual agreements to safeguard your business and help you develop further. Our drafting and review services are aimed at defining the relationship between your business and your partners, in a way that would considerable reduce risk of misinterpretation, confusion and contractual dispute.

We truly believe that the success of a business is dependent on minimising the conflicts and misunderstandings. As such, prevention of disputes, rather than waiting for disagreement to appear to solve it, should be the focus of your efforts and ours. We achieve this by offering you expert advice and services of reviewing and drafting business agreements.

We also focus on making sure the business agreements drafted or reviewed by us, are also comprehensible and not burdened by impractical legal jargon.

Our approach assures that:

  • risks and liabilities faced by any business are minimised;
  • your relationships with your business partners or customers is improved by virtue of setting clear framework for dealings;
  • your business is protected from unfounded claims. In an event of dispute, clear and unambiguous agreements are essential tool for successful outcome.

Our corporate solicitors and staff endeavour to always provide advice and services that are tailored specifically for your needs and particulars of your business. In addition, our internationally qualified stuff allows us to offer competent advice for businesses contracting outside of UK as well.

Few of the areas you might consider looking for our help are:

  • distribution of goods and services, especially where you’re unclear on obligations imposed on you by consumer protection legislation, or if you consider entering into agency or distribution scheme for such goods and services;
  • contracting a consultant for services to your business or outsourcing certain services;
  • joint ventures;
  • franchising;
  • licensing.

Legal advice is important not only at the stage of entering a new deal, but also if you are looking into renegotiating or terminating existing deals. This is why we encourage you to seek our expert advice beforehand, to make sure you are not jeopardising your business.

At OTS Solicitors we understand not only the importance of reliable legal advice, but also that the cost of such advice should not be a burden on your business. That is why we endeavour to offer absolute transparency on costs and we offer fixed fees where it is possible.

The services we provide are not limited to those mentioned above. Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

For a more detailed discussion regarding your case, or to book an appointment with a member of our Corporate team, please call us now on 0203 959 9123

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