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All businesses will at some point deal with negotiations. Whether negotiating contracts with suppliers, service providers, landlords for your business premises, customers or your partners when starting a new venture or amending an existent one, an expert advice and representation during negotiations is vital.

It is always best practice to have an agreement in writing, no matter how small the service is, because you never know when you might need it in a court of law. It is erroneously considered that having professional advice and representation during negotiation is a luxury accessible only to big businesses. At OTS Solicitors we believe in providing big business quality services at affordable price. We also know that not having a representation during negotiations can prove to be the luxury not the other way round.

Our corporate solicitors and lawyers are trained in negotiation techniques and have vast experience in dealing with wide range of negotiations, including difficult and misbalanced ones. Understanding how to deal with the human factor in negotiations is only part of it. A very important aspect of handling the negotiations is strong knowledge of legal regulations. We have seen enough cases where parties have agreed terms that were not enforceable in front of the court of law should conflict arise, or had omitted agreeing vital aspects of the contract, or in more extreme cases had even unknowingly entered a contract. We are committed to help you avoid such unfortunate situations.

Ultimately a contract is a relationship with all the complexity of any other human interaction. When honing down the terms of a contract, it is important to have a clear and precise image of the entire relationship – the beginning, its course and the end of it. Knowing where it can go wrong and implementing a failsafe mechanisms to prevent conflict or in a situation of dispute have a good chance for successful outcome, is another important part of it all. All these aspects need to be covered by contract, which means negotiating all the terms and conditions that comprise the contract and not only the material terms that are usually the focus for the business people. Neglecting to negotiate the seemingly unimportant parts of the contract can cost your business dearly.

Our experience and solid knowledge of the law allow us to negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best outcome for you and your business. Our corporate solicitors and lawyers can help your business negotiate contracts with suppliers, customers, and other service providers and many other situations. Using our negotiation services can protect your business interests and spare you the time and energy of dealing with problems after they appear.

At OTS Solicitors we understand not only the importance of strong and reliable legal advice, but also that the cost of such advice should not be a burden on your business. That is why we endeavour to offer absolute transparency on costs and we offer fixed fees where it is possible.

The services we provide are not limited to those mentioned above. Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

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