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Redundancy Payments and Process

At OTS Solicitors our team of specialist redundancy Employment Lawyers have extensive experience in advising and representing clients facing redundancy or those who have been put at risk of redundancy. We understand that this will be a highly stressful and difficult time for you, but our solicitors will act quickly to help you go through the process confidently and ensure that we maximise the amount paid for your redundancy compensation in a fair and proper manner.

If you are facing redundancy or have been put at risk of redundancy, call one of our friendly employment solicitors on 0203 959 9123, or fill out our Contact form and we will be in contact in a manner that suits you.

Redundancy Process

Redundancy may arise when:

  • Your employer is facing difficulties or otherwise needs to close, move, or simply stop trading
  • employees are no longer needed to carry out specific type of work

Selected For Redundancy

First and foremost your employer should begin drawing up a “redundancy selection pool” which is a list of employees considered to be at risk of redundancy. An objective selection criteria must be applied to identifying from the pool which employees are to be retained and which are to be selected for redundancy. Any discrimination to have suffered during the redundancy process will lead to it being unfair. Discrimination would be on grounds of race, age, sexual orientation, religion, and gender. If you have suffered any discrimination on these grounds you should contact one of our Employment advisers now.

Your employer may attach different weighting to each criteria, reflecting their relative importance. However, your employer will need to be able to justify such weighting as fair in the circumstances. The selection criteria must be applied in a fair way, by an appropriate manager, or managers, with reference to accurate and up-to-date information and documentation.


You should have a meeting with your employer before a final decision is made and to use the meetings as an opportunity to:

  • Any suggestions that will render you indispensable to your employer and thus avoid your redundancy
  • Suggest an alternative position within the firm or company
  • Consider the information used to compile the selection pool and how you faired against the rest
  • Furnish any more information that may lead to a reversal of the employers decision of your redundancy
  • Account for any other concerns or issues that you may think relevant to the consultation with your employer

Despite consideration of your suggestions and the discussions during the consultation process the employer may decide dismiss you for redundancy. You have a right to appeal this decision.

You may have a claim for unfair dismissal subject to the circumstances, should your employer fail to consult you adequately, or fail to inform you of your rights or object to you appealing the decision.

If you are being made redundant because there has been an exchange of employer of the business there are provisions in Employment Law that will protect you. Our solicitors can advise you at every stage of a redundancy, or if you find yourself at risk of redundancy.

If you are facing redundancy or have been put at risk of redundancy our solicitors will ensure that you are fully informed and confident throughout the process. We will act in your best interest to maximise the compensation in your redundancy package. Call one of our friendly employment solicitors on 0203 959 9123, or fill out our Contact form and we will be in contact in a manner that suits you.

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