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Granting of a spouse visa – Citizen of New Zealand

Granting of a spouse visa – Citizen of New Zealand

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Thank you Hans for all your help with my application for a visa to remain in the UK after my marriage to a UK citizen. I had already spent 3+ years, enquiries to different lawyers, 3 failed applications and countless hours of stress and worry before meeting with Hans at OTS. Admittedly this time we were able to change route, but both my husband Peter and I would really have struggled with the complexity of the application had it not been for Hans' help. He made a worrying time easier and helped create logic out of the less than straight forward rules that seems to come out of the home office.

From my initial telephone call to OTS, right down to Hans' delightful response on hearing of my successful application, the assistance I have received has been thoroughly professional, yet empathetic and listening. I can't praise OTS, and Hans particularly, highly enough.

Case type: Graduate Visas Family and Spouse Visas

Case workers: Hans Sok Appadu

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