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Business immigration law advice – 5 key benefits of partnering with OTS Solicitors

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business immigration law is a complex field – and for many companies and businesses in the UK, advice from Immigration solicitors is a regular requirement. As OTS Solicitors knows, understanding the details of the business immigration regime is vital to ensure the brightest talent and the best people can fill key roles in your organisation. Having the best Immigration lawyers you can afford makes sense.

Given the huge impact the success of your business immigration strategy can have on your organisation. In a niche area such as business immigration law, it makes sense to ensure you have a team of experts on board to support your business immigration objectives. Whether you already have in-house counsel and legal capacity that you are looking to expand or you want to outsource business immigration law, you are considering refreshing your current panel of business immigration solicitors, or you are a new business or start up seeking business immigration law advice for the first time, OTS Solicitors could well be the Immigration solicitors in London you are looking for.

1. Experts to support General Counsel on business immigration

Your General Counsel may be supported by a team of in-house lawyers, however, given the wide range of issues in-house counsel can face, it makes sense to partner with a Legal 500 recommended Immigration law firm for your business immigration advice. From Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence applications, and ongoing compliance with the Tier 2 scheme, to issues around visitor visas, and associated issues for family and dependants of your employees and workers from overseas, the complexities that your in-house lawyers may face are many and time consuming. Working with an experienced, niche Immigration law firm in London such as OTS Solicitors means you will always have access to the most up to date and experienced advisors around. Our team of top London immigration solicitors can provide additional resource in busy periods and support General Counsel when they are tied up with other matters.

2. Address under-performance by incumbent business immigration advisors

If you have a long-standing relationship with a team of Immigration lawyers that’s working well for you, that’s great news. On the other hand, you may be feeling that you aren’t receiving the best business immigration law advice you could be. Whether your current outsource partners aren’t responding swiftly enough to your needs, or you feel the advice has been out of line with your objectives, or your in-house counsel simply can’t keep pace with the business immigration law demands of your business, OTS Solicitors can help. With many years’ combined experience, and an approach which ensures we hire the sharpest legal talent we are responsive and always offer accurate and practical legal advice to our clients.

3. Ensure best value for money by refreshing your business immigration advice provider

How do you know if your current provider is really offering value for money? In a highly specialised area of the law, it’s important to be working with an expert team, whether in-house or outsourced. A bench-marking or market-testing exercise will allow your business to establish whether it is really working with the best Immigration solicitors available. Achieving best value isn’t just about cost. It’s about working with a responsive and knowledgeable team that understands your business’s Immigration strategy and objectives and can provide practical support that demonstrates results.

4. Streamline the provision of advice with a ‘one-stop shop’

OTS Solicitors deal with all aspects of Immigration law, not just business immigration. Our experience allows us to handle all aspects of your organisation’s Immigration needs, and any associated issues or complications. We can also support ongoing compliance requirements, for example under the Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence scheme. OTS Solicitors are regular guests on TV radio and in print media, offering comment and insight into the latest developments in Immigration law. We have also won several awards, most recently Corporate Insider’s business immigration Law Firm of the Year 2018.

5. Fresh eyes to ensure you get the best possible results

Given the specialist nature of business immigration law, you may feel that there is only one approach - and that the firm you are already working with provides that. In fact, bringing in a pair of fresh eyes may help your business reinvigorate its Immigration strategy, with attendant benefits for business. Perhaps your internal processes are cumbersome, or you’re struggling with your relationship with UK Visas & Immigration? OTS Solicitors was formed in 2014 and has already gained an enviable reputation, being recognised in the Legal 500. Our lawyers are all committed to providing excellent customer service. We thrive on tackling complex Immigration law problems, often developing novel strategies to successfully address challenges and resolve them in our clients’ favour.

OTS Solicitors are experienced business immigration lawyers based in London. We regularly advise high profile clients in the City of London and beyond on business immigration matters and are seeking opportunities to develop relationships with businesses and organisations looking for exceptional business immigration advice aligned to their objectives and wider business strategy. To discuss your business immigration requirements in more detail, please call 0203 959 9123.

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