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Indefinite Leave to Remain for Dependants

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A success story for Nollienne Alparaque and the immigration team at OTS Solicitors

“We Change People’s Lives And I Am Proud To Be Part Of The Team That Makes Hopes And Dreams Come True”

At OTS Solicitors we are proud to announce that Nollienne Alparaque has, in our words, achieved a complex case by securing indefinite leave to remain for dependants in circumstances where dependants of an applicant who is victim of domestic violence.

We are delighted with Nollienne’s success and perseverance because it means a mother who was in the UK on a spouse/ family visa left the relationship due to domestic violence from an abusive partner can stay in the UK, having secured indefinite leave to remain for herself and her two dependent children.

Nollienne was interviewed about the case and her work at OTS Solicitors.

Nollienne, what was so important about this case?

Every immigration case is important and I try to treat each application as if I was helping a member of my own family. The indefinite leave to remain application caused a stir because of our success in securing indefinite leave to remain for a mother who was a victim of domestic violence and her two dependent children. I was asked to help the wife of a British National and her two dependent children (the eldest of whom who is now over the age of eighteen) as she was battling to stay in the UK after the breakdown of her relationship due to domestic violence.

The mother had instructed previous solicitors who had made a Home Office application to extend the mother’s family visa under the same spousal route, despite the fact the mother was a victim of domestic violence. It is always best to carefully review applications when you are helping a visa or ILR applicant who has used previous solicitors and already submitted a Home Office application. I thought about the mother’s case and concluded that the wrong application had been made by her former solicitors. I always like to double check that the immigration legal advice we give is spot on so I asked the opinion of two specialist immigration barristers to ensure, given the very difficult circumstances of the mother, that OTS Solicitors got things right for her and her children. The immigration barristers were cautious and did not endorse the route that my colleague Maryem Ahmed and I were proposing to take but any alternatives left the children vulnerable.

We thought ‘ fortune favours the brave’ and decided to act quickly to protect the mother and her children. Speed was of the essence because the mother came to OTS Solicitors in June 2021, which was also the same month of when the Home Office could at anytime make a decision on their spousal visa extension application submitted with their previous solicitors six months ago.

We did not have a minute to waste so we advised on an application to vary leave to SET DV, but with the added complexity of including in the application a request for indefinite leave to remain for the two dependent children even though the SET DV immigration rules and guidance don’t mention dependants.

We carefully and fully drafted the application and waited, worrying that the Home Office would either refuse the mother’s application or grant her ILR application but refuse the children’s application. I can't tell you how delighted the whole immigration team was when the Home Office emailed me to say ‘yes’. The trouble with remote working is that you can't celebrate successes with your colleagues together but the decision left a mother very happy and relieved and myself delighted that I had the confidence of my convictions, backed by the support of the immigration team behind me, to make the application for her.

Back to basics, how did you come to be a lawyer at OTS Solicitors?

I joined OTS in September 2019 having completed a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at the University of the West of England in 2016. After graduation I registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), where I trained in immigration law. I then moved into private practice and, after some experience with another immigration law firm, I joined OTS Solicitors nearly two years ago.

I became a lawyer because I wanted to help people and immigration law and OTS Solicitors was a natural choice. OTS Solicitorsare known for their immigration law expertise and going the extra mile for clients. That fitted with my ethos and desire to help having migrated to the UK at a young age from the Philippines and so having some knowledge and understanding of how important it is for a family to get the best immigration legal advice when they come to the UK and pursue their journey to settlement in the UK. I continue to have a particular interest in helping Filipinos in the UK in understanding their legal and Human Rights to remain in the UK.

What is life like at OTS Solicitors?

I am not sure I know how best to answer that question as I only spent six months of ‘normal’ office life at OTS Solicitors before the global pandemic meant that everyone at OTS Solicitors began working from home. I have been very fortunate in that we have all the systems in place to work from home with secure IT facilities and case management as well as being able to speak to and zoom call clients and colleagues. It has therefore been business as normal whilst things have been far from normal. I would love to get back to office life but the last two years have taught me that you don’t need law offices to give great client service or to benefit from the support of work colleagues.

What do you do at OTS Solicitors?

Officially, I have two roles; immigration senior case worker and head of the landlord and tenant team. Heading up the landlord and tenant team has been a real opportunity for me. You may think that immigration and landlord and tenant law are very different but they both involve getting to grips with very technical complex legislation and helping people to understand their best options and to achieve the outcome they want as cost-effectively and quickly as possible.

Do you have a life outside of OTS Solicitors?

Working from home over such a long period has felt a bit weird but I have worked hard to maintain a life outside of work. I love food, especially Filipino food so when I am not eating out, I am honing my Filipino cooking skills. My other hobby is nails as I am a qualified nail technician. I find working on nails is not only a great escape from the law but really sociable as whilst bringing out my inner artiste I am chatting away. There really is something quite therapeutic about doing nails and I doubt there are many dual qualified lawyers and nail technicians.

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What clients say about Nollienne Alparaque: 

“Nollienne at OTS was from the beginning helpful, clear, and responsive when outlining what we needed for our spouse visa application and how to proceed. The cost was very reasonable. When we were ready to apply, she took care of everything for us and answered any questions or queries with professionalism, making what would have been a complicated application for us very simple and avoiding any pitfalls. Thanks to Nollienne and OTS our visa application was smooth and worry-free. I would highly recommend OTS as you will be taken care of very well.”


“Nollienne was absolutely wonderful to work with. She really helped ease my anxieties about my visa process and was very thorough and detailed. I could not have done it without her help, and I cannot be more appreciative of all the work and help she's done for me”


“Nollienne handled our immigration case. Very professional. Provides support in things we need. Explain subjects that are beyond our knowledge with easy to understand explanations. Always follows up the items that are needed. Many thanks to your services. You're an asset to OTS.”


“Excellent service by OTS. I am so grateful for the work done by Nollienne, she addressed all my concerns promptly and reassured me throughout a lengthy process. Thank you endlessly, Nollienne and team, I would recommend OTS to anyone.”


My fiancé and I have been planning to apply for a fiancé visa since last year. However, due to the pandemic, this was pushed back and we became less confident in how to go about our application. Thankfully, we found Nollienne at OTS Solicitors. She did an amazing job at providing us with important information and was kind enough to give us advice throughout the process. She managed all the documents professionally, removing our doubts and worries instantly. Within a matter of two months, we completed our requirements, and two weeks after my appointment, we got our visa! I'm glad that we decided to push through with requesting for assistance, more so that it was Nollienne who was with us from start to end. I'm more than satisfied with the service that she provided us I can't rave enough about it. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone looking to apply for a visa!”


“My husband's spouse visa has been recently granted with the help of Nollienne Alparaque of OTS Solicitors. No words can describe how grateful we are of all of her professional help. We do recommend her 110%!!!!”


“I got in touch with OTS Solicitors after spending five year with a previous solicitor waiting for my leave to remain from the home office. I contacted OTS Solicitor, mainly Nollienne Alparaque who was my case worker. In three weeks, I received my leave to remain from the home office. Nollienne was amazing and I will recommend any one to OTS Solicitor.”


“I met with Nollienne Alparaque for our visa. The service she provided is first class and personable. We were treated very well and she provided us with all the details we needed for our application. We received our visa quite quickly and we can't thank Nollienne enough for the great experience. Would definitely recommend OTS.”


Fiancé Visa – Citizen of United Kingdom

Posted on May 24, 2021

I can’t thank Nollienne enough for a successful outcome to our Fiancé Visa Application.
Nollienne was recommended to me by a friend who also had a successful visa application put together
by Nollienne. He spoke very highly of her and how professional and friendly the service was.

He was right. From the first phone call, to our visa being approved Nollienne proved to be professional, friendly and thorough with every aspect of the application, giving my fiancé and myself confidence to a successful outcome.

Thanks, Nollienne, and we look forward to working with you again soon for our spouse visa.

Case type: Immigration

Case workers: Nollienne Alparaque

Application for UK Fiancé Visa – Citizen of Philippines

Posted on October 9, 2020

My fiancé and I have been planning to apply for a fiancé visa in the UK for the longest time. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we became less confident in how to go about with our visa application. Thankfully, we found Nollienne at OTS Solicitors. She did an amazing job at providing us more information about the process and even gave advice we wouldn't have gotten anywhere else had we not requested for assistance. When I got confused with some technicalities, she was patient and more than happy to help. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her. Within a matter of 2 months, we completed the requirements. Two weeks after submitting my application, I received my visa! We would definitely recommend Nollienne and OTS Solicitors to anyone applying for a visa. We're certain we'll stay in contact with her in the future.

We can't thank you enough, Nollienne! We wish you and the whole organisation the best.

Case type: Immigration

Case workers: Nollienne Alparaque

Application for ILR – Citizen of Philippines

February 24, 2020

Hello! I would like to thank OTS solicitors especially Ms. Nollienne Alparaque for helping me for my application to my Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa! My ILR has been granted! I’m very grateful to Nollienne and OTS staff for their full immigration laws knowledge, very supportive and has guide me all the way. I highly recommend Nollienne and OTS solicitor for their dedication to assist people who may need expertise on immigration.

Case type: Immigration

Case workers: Nollienne Alparaque

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