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London Immigration Lawyer of the Year 2020: Oshin Shahiean, Founder of OTS Solicitors

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Oshin Shahiean, managing partner and founder of OTS Solicitors, is the winner of the SME News award for London Immigration lawyer of the year 2020. Whilst everyone at OTS Solicitors is delighted for him, Oshin puts his success down to the team of hard working Immigration solicitors and the administrative staff at OTS Solicitors who all contribute to the excellence of client service. They are the watchwords for everyone at OTS Solicitors.

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London Immigration Lawyer of the Year 2020

When asked about the title ‘London Immigration Lawyer of the Year 2020’ Oshin Shahiean said:

‘I guess the award for ‘London Immigration Lawyer of the Year 2020’ is the equivalent of an Oscar but I have promised everyone at OTS Solicitors no speeches and certainly no tears. If I am totally honest, it is a bit embarrassing to be singled out for an award like ‘London Immigration Lawyer of the Year 2020’ because since setting up OTS Solicitors with co-founder, Teni Shahiean, in 2014 the ethos of the firm has been all about team work to deliver exceptional client service for all personal Immigration and business immigration clients (from start-ups and SMEs to multi-nationals).

‘’They say that ‘’there is no I in team’’ and that has certainly been the philosophy adopted by CEO Teni Shahiean and by the firm as a whole. We value, and our clients certainly value, the hard work of everyone at OTS Solicitors, from our dedicated receptionists with cheery welcoming smiles to our behind the scenes paralegals and law graduates who assist our specialist business immigration solicitors and personal Immigration law solicitors with research and case management. That way we ensure that not only do we provide a cost effective legal service but one where you, as the client , get a sense of being part of the team, working with us to achieve the personalised Immigration service you deserve, whether your enquiry relates to a Spouse Visa or Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa.

‘‘The last twelve months has resulted in lots of recognition for our exceptional level of client service tailored to individual personal and business needs. OTS Solicitors have:

  • Won the SME News award for London Immigration and family law firm of the Year 2020

  • Been ranked in Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession

  • Moved up in our ranking in the Legal 500

  • Appeared in the BBC TV programme series ‘Who should get to stay in the UK’

  • Regularly been interviewed on the TV and radio and featured in news articles for our opinions and expertise on Brexit and how individuals and businesses need to get ‘Brexit ready’ with the end of free movement and the introduction of the new UK points based Immigration system in January 2021

  • Advocated on behalf of the victims of Windrush and helped to publicise the plight of those caught up in Windrush

  • Been included in the Department for International Trade Directory, published by the government to point overseas businesses in the direction of specialist UK immigration law services.

‘’However, the success of OTS Solicitors isn’t just the awards and accolades that we receive (though I am really rather proud of those acheivements) but in making a real difference to an individual or business through exceptional client care combined with intelligent use of technology, to make us both innovative and efficient in all that we do for our Immigration clients.

‘’I have to confess that it is a little ironic to be awarded the SME News ‘’London Immigration Lawyer 2020’’, when those who know me well at the office understand that the philosophy at OTS Solicitors is not to be just another solicitor but to act as a ‘trusted advisor’. What is the difference? A solicitor focusses on the law. As solicitors who aim to be trusted advisors to our clients, we like to think that we are here to provide solutions to the Immigration challenges faced by businesses and individuals. With Brexit, the end of free movement, and the introduction of the new UK points based Immigration system, many people and businesses will know find themselves in need of Immigration law advice for the first time, such as:

  • EU citizens looking to settle in the UK after the end of free movement as they will be subject to Immigration control in the same way as non-EEA nationals

  • UK business owners who are heavily reliant on low skilled EU workers. They may need to work with Immigration and employment law solicitors and trusted advisors to look at their recruitment options as the government isn’t intending to introduce a low skills work visa and the future availability of EU labour will therefore dry up

  • UK business owners who traditionally recruit skilled workers from the EU to fill vacancies. After the end of free movement those businesses will need a Home Office sponsor licence to recruit either a non-EEA citizen or an EU national. The advice is to apply for your Sponsor Licence now and to work with your professional advisors to look at your alternative options, such as employing overseas workers on global talent visas or analysing your business practices and needs.

‘’As we advise both individuals and companies, from SMEs to multi-nationals, our focus in the coming months will be to make sure that all our clients are Brexit prepared and have solutions in place for the end of free movement. It will be a challenge but it is one that I and all my colleagues at OTS Solicitors will relish. We thrive on responding quickly to complex new Immigration Rules and acting efficiently to secure the best outcomes for all our clients’’.

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