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OTS Solicitors Celebrate the 2023 Legal 500 London Immigration Rankings

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OTS Solicitors are ranked in the 2023 edition of The Legal 500 for London Business Immigration and Immigration, Human Rights, Appeals and Overstay. In turbulent times one thing is consistent; the immigration lawyers at OTS Solicitors delight at their rankings in the leading legal directory, The Legal 500.

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OTS Solicitors celebrate

Each year it is a bit like the battle between David and Goliath with OTS Solicitors competing for Legal 500 rankings with long-established London law firms with history and resources on their side. What sets OTS Solicitors apart is commitment. Their commitment applies not only to their rankings in The Legal 500 but to their service commitment to immigration clients; whether the client is a struggling London restaurant in desperate need of its first sponsor licence to recruit skilled workers to enable them to stay open 7 days a week, to reuniting engaged and married couples on fiancé and spouse visas, to battling injustice through human rights claims and appeals.

OTS Solicitors are ranked band 4 in the competitive London business immigration category and ranked band 2 in the equally competitive London individual immigration category for human rights, appeal and overstay in the 2023 edition of the leading law directory, The Legal 500.

What The Legal 500 says about OTS Solicitors

The 2023 edition of The Legal 500 describes OTS Solicitors as:

A specialist immigration practice co-founded by Teni Shahiean and Oshin Shahiean, OTS Solicitors has built up a reputation for both human rights and corporate work, and fields industry stalwart Paul Gulbenkian as a consultant. Teni Shahiean has expertise advising on matters ranging from Global Talent and skilled worker visas to sponsorship licences and intracompany transfers, as well as complex family issues and EEA and Brexit challenges. Oshin Shahiean, meanwhile, handles human rights matters including unlawful detentions and deportations. Hans Sok Appadu co-leads the team’.

The reason behind OTS Solicitors 2023 Legal 500 success

At OTS Solicitors we understand that the success of our immigration practice and firm is down to our clients. We invest the time getting to understand client needs; whether it is an SME needing advice on their first sponsor licence to sponsor skilled worker visa applicants to business clients facing the risk of sponsor licence suspension or families desperate to be reunited or to settle in the UK through an indefinite leave to remain or British citizenship application

Our philosophy at OTS Solicitors is that whoever you are and whatever the nature of your immigration, employment, corporate or family issue we are ‘on it’ with bright specialist lawyers who combine the best of friendly legal advice with the expertise and savvy know-how you need to navigate the complexities of UK immigration rules and do battle with the Home Office.

The OTS Solicitors immigration law testimonials leading to 2023 Legal 500 success

The team at OTS Solicitors were delighted to read the client testimonials that resulted in 2023 Legal 500 rankings, including clients who said:

‘OTS Solicitors are very professional and are very attentive to their clients. They provide clients with the best advice and also allow clients to take part in the decision-making in the process. They keep clients informed every step of the way, explaining and making sure clients understand the process and next steps.’

‘Teni Shahiean is a standout senior partner in the firm leading by example in terms of legal knowledge, research and work rate. Hans Sok Appadu has been a rising star for a couple of years now and gets better and better. The clients adore him. He is particularly knowledgeable on business law but very impressive all-round.’

Hans Sok Appadu has very strong business immigration expertise in all relevant routes, and his demanding client base guarantees he knows the latest possibilities and pitfalls that confront them.’

‘OTS Solicitors gave us very professional and honest advice and met the strict deadlines and strived to maximise the chance to win the case during application and appeal stages. Their attention to the detail and empathy towards the client impressed me the most.’

‘Mr Paul Gulbenkian has changed our lives, thanks to his help our situation with immigration has changed. A wonderful person with very exceptional values. Someone who cares from the heart.’

‘We are beyond grateful for our solicitor Maryem Ahmed for invaluable support and advice so that our appeal was allowed by the court in the end. She is honest, thorough and patient in helping us deal with this extremely difficult journey. Without her we would not reach where we are now.’

‘OTS has been a very well organised and professional firm according to my experience with them as they assisted me in putting through my citizenship application. From my own point of view, they have a good understanding of the UK immigration system.’

Immigration law work highlights

Some of our 2022 immigration law work highlights leading to inclusion in the 2023 Legal 500 immigration law rankings for London immigration lawyers include:

  • Advising a fast-growing fintech company on a challenging certificate of sponsorship for an overseas recruit
  • Advising the London office of a leading software solution provider headquartered in the Middle East on a key sponsorship to enable them to transfer a highly skilled employee to the UK
  • Successfully achieved indefinite leave to remain in the UK in complex proceedings on behalf of a representative of an overseas business and former diplomat

Oshin Shahiean, the managing partner of OTS Solicitors, says:

‘In 2022 the focus of the immigration lawyers at OTS Solicitors has been on offering cost-effective business immigration packages and individual immigration solutions to hard-pressed UK businesses and individual visa applicants whilst not compromising on the quality of the immigration legal advice or speed of delivery.  As managing partner of OTS Solicitors,  compromise on service just isn’t an option in the drive to meet our clients’ personal immigration and business immigration and employment law needs in these challenging times

‘Our approach is to listen first and advise later. Whilst speed is a key feature of a successful immigration lawyer, taking the time to understand what your client needs (rather than what they think they want) is what makes a good lawyer an exceptional one that isn’t just doing their job but finding you or your business the best immigration solutions.

‘Whether you are a business needing advice on a sponsorship licence from our sponsorship licence lawyers or an individual worried about if your self-employed income will meet the financial requirement to allow you to sponsor your partner on a spouse visa, immigration law is about people.

‘Our immigration law teams help businesses manage sponsor licences where the company has hundreds of employees on skilled worker visas, to advising UK business owners on one key person coming to the UK on a senior or specialist worker visa or international sportsperson visa or an individual who needs a dependant visa for their husband, wife or child. The ethos of OTS Solicitors is that we are here to help by offering a genuine service that is tailored to your business or personal needs, at a cost-effective price. We remain very grateful that our client testimonials and inclusion in the 2023 Legal 500 rankings recognise that’.

UK Online and London Based Immigration Solicitors 

For immigration law advice call the expert London immigration lawyers at OTS Solicitors on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.