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OTS Solicitors introduces Toby Hiscock

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OTS Solicitors are delighted to introduce Toby Hiscock who works as a paralegal in the general Immigration and family law departments at OTS Solicitors.

Oshin Shahiean, managing partner, says,

“Toby Hiscock is a rising star in our team of paralegals who support our solicitors in the busy Immigration, family law and employment law departments. What clients do not always appreciate is that without hard working paralegals like Toby, OTS Solicitors would not be able to provide such excellent client care service and always be available to answer a client’s query, give a case progress update and of course have the latest case law and research to hand.
“It is the efforts of paralegals like Toby Hiscock that makes the difference to the experience of client’s taking Immigration or family law advice from London solicitors. It is difficult enough to have to instruct a solicitor over such a sensitive and personal issue such as obtaining a spouse visa or sorting out whether children should remain in the UK after a divorce. However, taking legal advice can be made much harder if the advice is received with an eye on the clock because a solicitor is rushed or the advice is given over the internet, without being tailored to your personal circumstances.
“The recruitment of paralegals means OTS Solicitors are able to provide cost effective legal solutions to Immigration and family law problems with no compromise on the quality of legal advice and the excellent personal service that OTS Solicitors is known for. That exceptional level of service makes clients feel that their worries and legal concerns have been listened to and actioned.”

Toby Hiscock, paralegal, says

“I joined OTS Solicitors in December 2018 and it has been a whirlwind few months learning new office systems and understanding Home Office procedure. However, from day one of my joining, I knew that I had made the right decision. Many of my clients talk about having a “gut view’’ when deciding to apply for an Immigration visa or to separate and that is what it felt when I arrived at OTS Solicitors.
“You do not associate top London solicitors with a family atmosphere and ethos but that is what OTS Solicitors is about. The firm is highly specialised but is small enough to care for its clients and staff. From the outset, we are taught that whilst we may have spent many years studying the law, our focus is on the client, whether they are seeking help about an Innovator Visa or Start-up Visa, worried about a spouse or fiancée visa or are concerned about a divorce and financial settlement.
“Whilst working at OTS Solicitors I have begun to appreciate how clients can feel relatively powerless over defining aspects of their lives, such as Immigration and family law matters. Legal worries can go beyond financial concerns to the core of people’s life plans; where they intend to build their future and who they intend to build it with. I understand how daunting and complicated Immigration and family law legal matters can appear. That means I always endeavour to help clients understand the legal process and the reasons behind it from the start and then maintain communication so that clients are updated and reassured that OTS Solicitors are on the case and doing their utmost to get the outcome that the client wants to achieve.
“Working at OTS has been an absolute dream so far. Do not get me wrong, the work is demanding and challenging as you are battling with the Home Office, the court system, and the OTS Solicitors photocopier that has a mind of its own. However, you are exposed to a wealth of knowledge and experience that colleagues are happy to share with you to improve your expertise and to help you develop new skills.
“I studied for a Graduate Diploma in Law at the University of Law after obtaining a degree in Politics and Sociology. I have always been interested in Law as it is something of a family profession with two of my cousins being lawyers in Europe, my aunt a retired notary and my grandfather a retired judge. At OTS Solicitors, I think I am able to combine my love of justice and the recognition of people’s rights that led me to study Politics and Sociology with helping people with the law. Whether it is an entrepreneur requiring advice on an Innovator Visa and endorsing bodies or someone needing legal advice on divorce court jurisdiction, the job at OTS Solicitors is all about helping people and securing their legal rights.
“What I love about OTS Solicitors is that we are able to offer a seamless service to clients. For example, if a client asks us to secure an Innovator Visa, we can make sure that he is put in touch with the right endorsing body, and if help is needed, we can make sure he is referred to trusted financial advisors and business plan writers. Once the Innovator Visa is secured, OTS Solicitors can help the business as it grows with the preparation of shareholders agreements, employment law contracts and the obtaining of the Sponsor Licence and its subsequent management. For family law clients if they need a divorce, they then do not need to instruct a new solicitor to apply for EEA retained rights of residence, thus reducing the stress and time taken to secure the EEA retained rights of residence.
“Despite all my years of study, it was not until I joined OTS Solicitors that I realised how important it is for clients to feel that they have a lawyer on their side, who is not just technically spot on with their knowledge of the law, but is caring enough to show their compassion. Understanding how worried a client is to be in the position they are and to recognise that a word of reassurance is very comforting when you are a client in unfamiliar legal territory and feeling vulnerable is a very valuable lesson to learn from my paralegal role at OTS Solicitors.”

What others say about Toby Hiscock:

“Top Immigration specialists in Town.
I had approached OTS for my wife's Tier 4 Visa. OTS allocated Vishal Makol and Toby.
Vishal and Toby are incredibly knowledgeable, professional and diligent in their work.
They provided timely advice and guidance and drove the process to successful completion. I highly recommend OTS and specifically Vishal and Toby for similar jobs.”

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If you have an Immigration query concerning your Immigration status or a business related Immigration or employment law question then OTS Solicitors can help you.
OTS Solicitors are specialist in Immigration law matters based in London. The firm is recommended for Immigration law in the Legal 500 publication of leading UK lawyers. OTS Solicitors have Law Society accredited solicitors status as trusted specialists in Immigration law.
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