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OTS Solicitors success in 2020 rankings of the Legal 500 directory

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The Immigration team at OTS Solicitors just cannot quite get to grips with it. Not the fact that the Legal 500 has again recognised the expertise of OTS Solicitors and increased the firm’s rankings in business immigration and personal Immigration. No, what has the Immigration team flummoxed was that whilst the Legal 500 has published its 2020 rankings with its usual speed and accuracy, the UK are still in the throes of sorting out Brexit.

The announcement of the 2020 Legal 500 rankings came as a welcome break from a very busy work schedule for both the business immigration and personal Immigration teams at OTS Solicitors. The specialist teams are busy helping both individuals and employers try to understand how Brexit will affect them or their company, and providing legal advice on the best Brexit options.

How can OTS Solicitors help?

As well as their ranking in Legal 500 for business and personal Immigration law, OTS Solicitors have a reputation for excellent client service and care. If you have a business or personal Immigration question and need pragmatic advice and the best workable solution then please call us on 0203 959 9123 and we will be happy to help.

Legal 500 2020 rankings for personal and business immigration law

OTS Solicitors was formed in 2014, and as some London Immigration firms featuring in Legal 500 have over a century of tradition and trading behind them, we want to highlight what the 2020 edition of the Legal 500 says about OTS Solicitors personal Immigration and business immigration teams.
“OTS Solicitors handles a raft of Immigration work; it is consistently praised for its 'professional approach' and its 'vast experience'. The team handles a range of Human Rights and family life cases, and is also involved in deportation and Asylum claims, Judicial Reviews, ILR and EEA Applications and nationality cases. The team has recently been engaged on a number of Windrush generation cases and is also experienced in cases involving trafficking and children.
"On the business immigration side, the team regularly handles matters relating to investor, entrepreneur and Innovator visas, Sponsorship Licences, illegal working compliance, global migration planning and employee transfers”.
The personal and business immigration lawyers at OTS Solicitors are delighted by the Legal 500 commentary about their experience and approach to personal Immigration and business immigration cases. Whilst the firm is young, it is wonderful to receive recognition that the Immigration law teams have “vast experience”.
Led by co-founders and Immigration law specialists, Oshin Shahiean and Teni Shahiean, the Immigration team is complimented by the likes of Paul Gulbenkian, a former Immigration judge whose experience was described in the 2019 edition of the Legal 500 directory as “exceptional” and by Stephen Slater, who has championed the cause of Windrush victims.
Teni Shahiean, CEO at OTS Solicitors, says the blend of 2014 law firm with all the vitality and energy that entrepreneurs and starts up possess, combined with the array of experience and client dedication, that consultants like Paul Gulbenkian bring to the team, sets OTS Solicitors apart from its competitors.
Her brother, Oshin Shahiean, has a slightly different take on the reasons behind why OTS Solicitors was able to secure such great 2020 Legal 500 rankings. He puts the Immigration team success down to OTS Solicitors’ willingness to embrace technology and to look at every aspect of the Immigration law client’s experience with fresh eyes to ensure:

Immigration clients receive a personal service with attention to detail from friendly and approachable lawyers who care;

Immigration lawyers and Immigration clients are supported by all the latest in technology to streamline Immigration applications and communications with the Home Office to ensure not only the best results but fast results;

• Legal experience is complimented by practical know-how and close relationships with specialist barristers, financial advisors and overseas lawyers so Immigration law clients get the right help;

• Streamlined legal services so if a business immigration client or personal Immigration client needs corporate , family, private client or employment law advice, expert help is at hand from growing teams of dedicated lawyers providing bespoke legal advice.

Legal 500 Testimonials

OTS Solicitors recognise that it is not what they think that is important. At OTS Solicitors, it is all about the Immigration client and their experience. That is why the Legal 500 client testimonials are so important. After all, if an Immigration client is looking for the best legal advice they are likely to focus on testimonials, personal recommendations and google rankings to find the best London immigration solicitors.
The 2020 Legal 500 testimonials say:
“The firm provides an excellent service; the lawyers are real professionals and they know the law very well”.
“The team stands out for its professionalism, its attention to every detail of the client's application, its impressive client care, its wealth of expertise and its impressive success rate”.
“Teni Shahiean has a wealth of expertise”.
The Immigration team at OTS Solicitors are always incredibly grateful when business or individual immigration clients leave a testimonial or rating. After all, it is exceptional client feedback that has resulted in the Legal 500 2020 rankings for personal Immigration law and business immigration law and the key to the OTS Solicitors success story.

How can OTS Solicitors help?

If you do your research into London immigration solicitors, using a combination of legal directories, like Legal 500, as well as looking at google rankings and recommendations you will find OTS Solicitors are London based Immigration law specialists who know the law, are professional but not stuffy or unapproachable and deliver the best results.
If you have a business or personal immigration question and need pragmatic advice and workable solutions then please call us on 0203 959 9123 and we will be happy to help you or your business.

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