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President Donald Trump Sworn In As 45th US President – Opportunity for the UK?

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Oshin Shahiean, Managing Partner of OTS Solicitors is interviewed by The American magazine regarding the newly inaugurated President Trump and the challenges US Citizens living in the UK and US might face:

'For many Americans, the election of Donald Trump as President has caused them to reflect on whether they wish to remain in the United States. The relationship between America and Britain is a long one, with both countries relying on each other in good times and bad. We have been contacted by US Citizens who are already living in the UK, enquiring how they can obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain and /or British Citizenship so they do not have to return home. Our Immigration team has also received dozens of calls from people living in the US who want to understand how they can make the move across the pond. Many are skilled workers or entreprenurs who have the expertise and drive the UK requires to meet its task of extracting itself from the EU. I belive that Britsin now has a golden opportunity to welcome those American Citizens who want to come here and use their skills, talents and investment fundst o help drive the UK economy forward. Brexit may present some challenges, but it also opens up a wealth of opportunities in both the domestic and EU markets. For American citizens wanting to move to or remain in the UK, expert Immigration avice is a must, especially given the often complex nature of the US tax regime and the long reach of the IRS.

I think both countries have challenges to overcome in the near future. I personally do not subscribe to the theory currently being banded around that Donald Trump, as President, will end civilisation as we know it. However, I can understand why many Americans are unwilling to 'wait and see' what sort of President he will be and instead are looking to reloacte their family's to more stable shores.'


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