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PRESS RELEASE: Managing Partner Oshin Shahiean quoted in BBC news article, 5th July 2016

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Oshin Shahiean, managing partner and Immigration law specialist at OTS Solicitors, was quoted in an article featured on the BBC’s news website on the 16th June 2016. The article discussed whether EU nationals should become British citizens in the face of a possible vote to leave the European Union (which subsequently occurred on 23rd June).

The article centred on the anxiety felt by the EU nationals and their families leading up to the Referendum and how for the first time many were seeking ways to solidify their residency status in the UK.

The options for doing this include extending an existing visa, applying for a permanent residence Card and becoming a British Citizen via naturalisation.

In the article, quoted Mr Shahiean as follows:

"We have had an unprecedented volume of applications for permanent residence," says Oshin Shahiean, of OTS solicitors.”

His clients are deeply worried about what might happen to them: "If we do exit the EU what is their Immigration status going to be? There is no certainty. The government hasn't put anyone's mind at ease."

The applicants, he says, come from a range of different countries, including many Brazilians who have dual Portuguese citizenship.”

The article also briefly mentioned the fact that Ireland offers automatic citizenship to anyone with an Irish parent, regardless of where they were born. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Irish citizens are also eligible in some circumstances

Britons with foreign-born partners were rushing to take advantage of a loophole, known as the Surinder Singh route (after a court case which established it), before it closes were also discussed.

To see the full article, please download the PDF below.

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